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Offshorealert - the Nemesis of Fraudsters - Comes to London Next Month

In London next month, OffshoreAlert will pass on its proven expertise in international financial intelligence and investigations to high-level attendees from around the world at their 3rd Annual European Financial Intelligence & Investigations Conference.

Bitcoin 'not anonymous', says digital currency security expert

Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin transactions are not anonymous and, in fact, are a "poor instrument" for laundering the proceeds of crime.

Buttonwood fraud illustrates pitfalls of international finance

The collapse of a fraudulent litigation funding group known as Buttonwood Legal Capital, Argentum Litigation and Centaur Litigation illustrates that you can't rely on anyone but yourself to protect your interests.

3rd Annual European Financial Intelligence & Investigations Conference (10-11 Nov, London)

Join OffshoreAlert and 150 offshore stakeholders from Europe, UK, USA, Canada and key offshore jurisdictions next month in London at this is a "must-attend" event for those in the highest end of international finance.

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Letter from Turks and Caicos Islands-based attorney Courtenay Barnett, of Barnett and Associates law firm, denying that he was ever president of Delaware-domiciled International Balanced Fund, even though he was described as such in a corporate filing.
Letter from Salvatore Cugliari denying a claim by the provisional liquidators of fraudulently-operated Cayman Islands-based Centaur Litigation SPC, Centaur Litigation Limited, and Centaur Litigation Unit Series 1 Limited that Royal Luxembourg Soparfi is a "hollow insurer". Royal Luxembourg Soparfi is "a holding company, not an insurer", writes Cugliari.


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