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Letter of complaint entitled 'FATCA Violation - Defamation & Attack on US Interest and Investors Interests - Complaint to OFAC' from Jean-Philippe Grange, who claims to be 'Treasury Minister Plenipotentiary & Ambassador USA, Te Taou Sovereignty and Kingdom of Maori' and is perpetrating a fraud involving the CWM Group.
Letter from Brian Gilmour, of Carduus Group, in Scotland, complaining about references to his group in an article by OffshoreAlert exposing fraud by Gilmour's business partner, Stuart Black.


  • Bloomberg: UBS Group AG and a banker-turned-whistle-blower were deemed to have too “unclean...
David Marchant
Commodities Partners Investments Limited
  • Hello all, I wanted to check if anyone may have some insight as to any direct ties that...
Andrej Bastar