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Beyond the Clichés: How to Investigate Offshore Entities

Two of the biggest myths about offshore financial centres are that they are all the same and that information is almost impossible for investigators to obtain.

Channel Islands Securities Exchange chairman to speak at OffshoreAlert Conference

The Chairman of the Channel Islands Securities Exchange has joined the list of speakers for next week's OffshoreAlert Conference in London.

OffshoreAlert - the Nemesis of Fraudsters - Comes to London Next Month

In London next month, OffshoreAlert will pass on its proven expertise in international financial intelligence and investigations to high-level attendees from around the world at their 3rd Annual European Financial Intelligence & Investigations Conference.

Bitcoin 'not anonymous', says digital currency security expert

Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin transactions are not anonymous and, in fact, are a "poor instrument" for laundering the proceeds of crime.

Buttonwood fraud illustrates pitfalls of international finance

The collapse of a fraudulent litigation funding group known as Buttonwood Legal Capital, Argentum Litigation and Centaur Litigation illustrates that you can't rely on anyone but yourself to protect your interests.

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Letter from Ali A. Yawar, a citizen of Afghanistan, resident of Spain and operator of Dunya Marbella Investments who pleaded guilty to extortion at federal court in California in 2007, demanding the removal of "defamatory text" from OffshoreAlert's web-site.
Letter from Peter Brentano, a Bermuda policeman, requesting the removal of "unjust" details of a lawsuit and judgment against him at Bermuda Supreme Court in 1994.


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