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Italy: Luigi Barbaro et al

Application for the appointment of a Commissioner - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Italy - to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into alleged narcotics trafficking Luigi Barbaro, Domenico Trimboli, Mirko Miodragovic, Carmelo Barresi, Luciano Pasqua, Pietro Amante, Giampietro Amoruso, Valter Anzil, Salvatore Bueti, Rocco Giuseppe Callipari, Paolo Capineri, Rocco Coluccio, Marco Conti, Franco Cortellessa, Ani Cubaniti, Carmelo D'Angelo, Lorenzo D/Angelo, Giovanni Di Fazio, Salvatore Femia, Bruno Ferro, Alberto Gaviano, Stefano Germano, Roberto Bernardo Masera, Luca Mazzaferro, Gianluca Miserocchi, Francesco Nizzola, Vincenzo Pipicella, Giancarlo Picerna, Maurizio Panarinfo, Giangiuseppe Ruggieri, Massimo Schenone, Gianfranco Sedda, Carmelo Sgura, Maurizio Suraci, and Salvatore Trimboli.

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