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'Rockfire Capital received £180,000 from Axiom scheme, not £1 million', says Liam Kavanagh

Letter to the Editor from Liam Kavanagh, on behalf of Rockfire Capital Limited, regarding his firm's involvement with Axiom Legal Financing Fund.


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November 20, 2012


Liquidations & Insolvencies;Securities & Investment

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  • David Marchant
    By David Marchanton Tuesday, November 20, 2012 2:40:38 PM

    I am comfortable with the information that OffshoreAlert has reported. I refer you to an email that David Rae, of Tangerine Investment Management, sent to Neil McLeod on September 22, 2012, in which Mr. Rae wrote, inter alia: “TIM has entered into an agreement with Rockfire Capital to be appointed as the Loan Manager and sub Investment Manager. This provides investors with a FSA regulated loan manager.”

    • JamesArthur
      By JamesArthuron Tuesday, November 26, 2013 5:59:41 AM

      Liam Kavanagh at Rockfire Capital is a criminal and clearly an idiot openly admitting he received £180,000 from the Axiom scheme which proves his firms involvement.

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