Last Year's Delegate List

Last Year's Delegate List

250+ offshore stakeholders from Europe, UK, USA, Canada and key offshore jurisdictions attended the 12th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference held in  Miami Beach.

 (Last Updated on April 22, 2014. If a registrant has opted to remain private their name will not appear on this list.)  
20 Essex Street  Leahy, Blair  Miss 
ACAMS  Monroe, Brian  Reporter 
ACAMS &  Enriquez, Denise  Head of the Caribbean 
ACAMS &  Enriquez, Denise    
Al Osaimi Law Firm  Al Mutawa, Fahad  Managing Director for Dispute Management Service Department 
Andrews International  Page, D.C.  Senior Vice President 
Arthur Cox  Glynn, Gregory  Partner  richards, ken  partner 
Astigarraga Davis  DAVIS JR, EDWARD H  Founding Shareholder 
Autocrats, Kleptocrats, Offshore  Davidson, Julie    
Babbé  Laws, Andrew  Managing Partner 
Baker & Hostetler LLP  Nanavati, Jay  Counsel 
Bank Of Nova Scotia Trust Co.  McDonald, Gerrine A. (Robin)  Senior Mgr, Compliance 
Baycourt Chambers  Taylor, Magan  Associate Attorney 
BDO CRI (Cayman) Ltd  Magennis, Declan  Manager 
Bennett Jones  Ward, Maureen  Lawyer 
Bennett Jones LLP  Promislow, Ruth  Partner 
Bennett Jones LLP  Caylor, Lincoln  Partner 
Berger Singerman  Lichtman, Chuck  Partner 
Bermuda Monetary Authority  Simons, Narinder  Legal Counsel 
Biowish India  vratsinas, john    
Bloomberg News  Faries, William  Bureau Chief 
Broadhurst LLC  Broadhurst, Kyle  Partner 
Broadhurst LLC  Broadhurst, Peter A  Managing Director 
Broadhurst LLC, Barristers  Broadhurst, Mary K    
Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD  Faiferlick, Chris  Vice-chair (Tax Committee) 
BVI Financial Services Commission  Frett, Natoya  Policy Research Officer 
BVI Financial Services Commission  Molyneaux, Smona  Regulator 
BVI Financial Services Commission  Baptiste, Shane 
BVI Financial Services Commission  George, Lydia  Deputy Registrar 
BVI Financial Services Commission  Malone, Glenford  Ag. Director, Investment Business Division 
Campbells  Austin-Smith, James  Senior Associate 
Campbells  McNeil, Callum  Of Counsel 
Campbells  McDonough, Ross  Partner, Head of Litigation 
Canada Revenue Agency  Henderson, Stephanie  Offshore Compliance Manager 
Canadian Broadcasting Corp  Tremblay, Luc  Producer 
Captiva Group  Thompson, Noella  Compliance Officer 
Caribbean Journal  Britell, Alexander  Publisher/Editor in Chief 
Carnegie Mellon University  Christin, Nicolas  Asst. Research Professor 
Cayman Finance  Jalles, Gonzalo  CEO 
Cayman Free Press  Klein, Michael  Journalist 
Cayman National  Nembhard, George  Senior Internal Auditor 
Chris Johnson Associates Ltd  Homer, Russell  Senior Associate 
Chris Johnson Associates Ltd  Johnson, Christopher  Managing Director 
Cidel Bank & Trust inc  Arrindell, Ben  Director 
Consultant  Bridger QPM, Martin  Consultant 
Court of Appeal of The Bahamas  Adderley, Neville  His Lordship The Honorable Mr. Justice 
Coverdale Trust Services Limited/ O’Neal Webster  Abrehart, Claire  General Manager 
Dart Enterprises  Duggan, Chris  Vice President - Active Investments 
David D. Black, CPA  Black, David  Owner 
Duhaime Law  Duhaime, Christine  Attorney & Partner 
Edwards Wildman Palmer UK LLP  Maton, James  Partner 
EFG Bank, Cayman Branch  Sharpe, Sustjie  Compliance Manager 
Ernst & Young Ltd  Tuitt, Zena  Assistant Director - BBC Market Segment | Financial Services 
Ernst & Young Ltd  Tuitt, Zena  Assistant Director - BBC Market Segment | Financial Services 
Essex Court Chambers  McGrath QC, Paul  Barrister/QC 
Exposure Management Ltd.  Marschdorf, Hans  Proprietor 
Farber Financial Group  Cooperman, Jonathan  Partner 
FBI  Coleman, Gregory  Special Agent 
FE&E,Inc.  Files, L Burke  President 
Financial Forensic Services LLC  Dickerson, Joe  CEO 
Financial Forensic Services, LLC  Dickerson, Joe  CEO 
Financial Forensic Services, LLC  Gagnon, Rodney  Sr. Asset Analyst 
Financial Reporting Authority (CAYFIN)  Roberts, Adam  Legal Adviser 
Financial Services Regulatory Commission  Smith, Terry  Manager of IBCs and Other NBFIs 
Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada  Lambert, Dan  Manager 
Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada  Cowley, Michael  Manager 
FIP International S.A.  HÜRNER, MARC  CEO 
Forbes Hare  McConvill, James  Counsel 
Foreshore  Pickering, Polly  Regional Manager 
Formerly employed by Cayman Net News  Evans, John  Crime/Investigative Reporter (now retired) 
Freeborn & Peters LLP  Powers, Eric    
Freeborn & Peters LLP  Fishman, Scott  Intelligence Director 
Freeborn & Peters LLP  Cuza, Ashlee  Attorney at Law 
Freeborn & Peters LLP  Woytek, Patrick    
Freeborn & Peters, LLP  Levin, Neal H.  Partner 
Fuerst Ittleman David Joseph, PL  Kleinfeld, Denis  Attorney 
Fusion GPS  Corcoran, Patrick    
Fusion GPS  Mahoney, Katelyn  Researcher 
FusionGPS  Simpson, Glenn  CEO 
Gibson Dunn & Crutcher  Cohen, Joel  Partner 
Global Compliance Solutions  OBrien, Karen  Managing Director 
Grant & Eisenhofer P.A.  Leavitt, Michael  Director 
Grant Thornton  Ouriach, Samuel  Manager 
Grant Thornton  Saville, Mike  Director 
Grant Thornton BVI  Holukoff, David  Manager 
Grant Thornton BVI  Wide, Marcus  Managing Director 
Grant Thornton Specialist Services (Cayman) Limited  Dickson, Hugh  Partner 
Grant Thornton Specialist Services (Cayman) Limited  Dickson, Hugh  Partner 
Greenberg & Co. Solicitors  Greenberg, Daniel  Insolvency Practitioner-Attorney-Solicitor 
Griffiths & Partners  Cadman, David  Partner 
Gustafson Law  Gustafson, John  Princpal 
Harney Westwood & Riegels  Robey, Claire  Senior Associate 
Harneys  Herbert, David  Partner - Head of Cayman Litigation & Insolvency 
Haystax Technology  Ware, Bryan  CTO 
Higgs & Johnson  Gaitor, Vann  Partner 
Higgs & Johnson  Thompson, LaShay  Associate 
Holland & Knight  Gluck, Warren  Senior Associate 
HSM Chambers  LAMBERT, IAN  Attorney 
Hurriyet  Tanis, Tolga  Washington correspondent 
Husch Blackwell LLP  Turner, Marshall  Partner 
Husch Blackwell LLP  Redmond, Christopher  Partner 
Independent  Ferris, Nick  Non Executive Director 
Internal Revenue Service  Schenck, Carolyn    
Internal Revenue Service  Kiger, Cheryl  Technical Advisor 
Internal Revenue Service  Eblen, Mark  Senior Counsel 
International Client Services Inc  Postizzi, Diane  President 
Invest Barbados  Taitt, Emeline  CEO 
Invest Barbados  Payne, Sandra  Director of Research & Developtment 
Investigation Counsel Professional Corp  Groot, Norman  Partner 
IPSA International  Marsh, Kenneth (Kim)  Executive VP International Operations 
IPSA International, Inc.  Salvá, Andreu  Operations Director 
IRS  Stiernagle, Bryan  OCI - Program Manager 
Jack A. Blum, Esq.  Blum, Jack  Attorney at Law 
Kanzlei Bernd H. Klose  Klose, Bernd H.  Rechtsanwalt 
Kinetic Partners  Shakespeare, Jess  Director 
Kinetic Partners  Cohen, Joel  Director 
Kinetic Partners  Plowright, James  Associate Director 
Kinetic Partners  Matthews, Nick  Director 
Kobre & Kim LLP  Casey, Sean  Member 
Kobre and Kim LLP  Prudhoe, Timothy  Partner 
Kreis Enderle Hudgins & Borsos  Fazio, Sara  Attorney 
KRys Global  Schulz, Michael  Senior Manager 
KRys Global  Clingerman, Mathew  Managing Director 
Lathrop & Gage LLP  Stewart, Robin E.    
Lathrop & Gage, LLP  Lang, Greer  Partner 
Legal Solutions Group LLC  L Wouansi, Andre  CFO 
Lennox Paton  Simms, Brian  Senior Partner 
Lennox Paton  Simms, Brian  Partner 
Lennox Paton  Simms, Brian  Partner 
London International Bank &Trust Company Ltd.  Almeida, Vanessa  Internal Auditor 
London International Bank &Trust Company Ltd.  Montoya, Gabriel  President 
Mahany & Ertl  Mahany, Brian  Owner 
Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors  Arthurs, Malcolm  Barrister 
Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors  Kenney, Martin  Principal 
Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors  Wise, Dan  Partner and Head of Litigation 
Ministry Of Finance Bahamas  Neely, Antoinette  Insurance Analyst 
Morris, Cottingham Corporate Services Limited  Simons, Sharon  Corporate Manager 
Mourant Ozannes  Fox, Nicholas  Managing Associate 
Mourant Ozannes  Emery, Andrew  Senior Associate 
Mourant Ozannes  Dickson, Simon  Partner 
Newhaven BVI  Evans, Trisha  Compliance Officer - MLRO 
Nixon Peabody LLP  Sablone, Jonathan  Partner 
Norton Rose Fulbright Canada  Himo, Julie  Lawyer 
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions  Rajbansie, Wayne  Director of Public Prosecutions 
office of timothy ridley  ridley, timothy  principal 
Offshore Compliance & Enforcement Consulting  Reeves, Daniel  Principal Consultant 
OffshoreAlert  Marchant, David  Owner & Editor 
OffshoreAlert  Kravitz, Lina  Account Executive 
OffshoreAlert  Comerford, Naomi  Director of Sales & Marketing 
O'Neal Webster  Dennis, Paul  Partner 
Pathfinder Management  Olivera III, Herman  President & CEO 
Pinnacle Media Ltd.  Fuller, Brent  Senior Photo-Journalist 
PricewaterhouseCoopers  Pomeroy, James  Director - Forensic Services (Caribbean Region) 
PricewaterhouseCoopers (Cayman)  Walker, David  Partner 
Proskauer Rose  Raicht, Geoffrey  Partner 
PwC  Calow, Garth  Partner 
Rannoch Consulting & Research LLC  McIntyre, William  President 
Rawlinson & Hunter Limited  Trott, Martin    
Rawlinson & Hunter Limited  Steel, Edith  Director 
Rawlinson& Hunter  Kennedy, Chris  Senior Manager 
Reed Smith  McCarroll, James C.  Partner 
Reed Smith LLP  Karides, Constantine  Partner 
Riser Adkisson LLP  Adkisson, Jay  Partner 
Robb Evans & Associates LLC  Johnson, Kenton  Executive Vice President 
Robb Evans & Associates LLC  Kane, Brick  President & Chief Operating Officer 
Roger H. Parent, Jr., Inc.  Parent, Roger  President 
Rose LLP  Lindsay, Matthew  Managing Partner 
Royal Bank of Canada  Stewart, Cheryl  Manager 
Samuels Richardson & Co  Richardson, Arthur    
Samuels Richardson & Co  Samuels, Benedicta  Managing Director 
Sauer Arruda Pinto Advogados  SAUER, GUSTAVO  Lawyer 
Schopf & Weiss LLP  Palmersheim, Robert  Partner 
Schopf & Weiss LLP  Rosenthal, Jason  Partner 
Scrantom Dulles International PLLC  Scrantom, Timothy  Managing Partner 
Secure Hosting  Turnquest, Jonathan    
Secure Hosting Ltd  Douglas, Richard  CTO 
Sedgwick Chudleigh  Potts, Alex  Partner 
Sidley Austin LLP  Yancey, Tom  Partner 
Spectrum-i  DiGiuseppe, William  Senior Investigator 
Spectrum-i  Marych, Mary  Lead Analyst 
Stafford Corporate Services Ltd  Rogers, Carlyle  Managing Director & Barrister at Law 
Stenning & Associates  Fosuhene, Amelia  Associate 
Stenning 7 Associates  Stenning, James  Managing Director 
Supreme Court of Bermuda  Kawaley, Ian  Chief Justice 
Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR Idée Suiss  Paggini, Thomas  Washington Correspondent 
Tax Justice Network  Knobel, Andres  Consultant 
Tax Notes/Tax Analysts  Sheppard, Lee  Contributing Editor 
The American Interest / Onshore Productions  Davidson, Charles  Publisher / Executive Producer 
The Bayshore Group  symonette-tinker, latonia  President 
The Economist  Valencia, Matthew    
The ONE Campaign  Kraus, Joseph  Senior Policy Manager 
TSP CAPITAL  Thomas, Ade  Mr 
TURNERS  Lowe, Gavin  Partner 
Velton Zegelman PC  Zegelman, Julian  Partner 
Walkers  wilkins, colette  Partner 
Walkers  Bell, Rupert  Senior Counsel- Litigation 
Walkers  Verbiesen, Joanne  Associate 
Warren McKay Geurts & Bellehumeur  Mckay, Andrew    
Whistleblowers Against Fraud  Piacentile, Joseph  CEO 
Wilberforce Chambers  Lowe, Tom  QC 
Wilberforce Chambers  Luckman, Nicholas  Practice Director 
Withers BVI  Knock, Sara-Jane  Associate 
Withers LLP  Olympitis, Niki  Mr 
   Duguay, Daniel    
   fedrigoli, carlo    
   Austin, Michael  Mr 

The 13th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference

May 3-5, 2015, The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach
Miami Beach, Florida U.S.A.


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