2015 Attendee List

2015 Attendee List

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(Last Updated on April 21, 2015. If a registrant has opted to remain private their name will not appear on this list.) 

Westreich, Jonathan        
Coleman, Gregory        
Birkenfeld, Bradley        
Doherty, Nicolette        
Schwartz, Rhonda   ABC News   Head of Investigations  
Mosk, Matthew   ABC News   Investigative Reporter  
Guillen, Juan Luis   Agencia EFE   Features Reporter  
Anise, Bomi   Anise Consulting Limited   Founder/Managing Director  
Glynn, Greg   Arthur Cox   Head of Litigation  
Guzman, Daniela   Assoc. of Certified Financial Crime Specialists   Assistant Editorial Director  
Fox, Ben   Associated Press   Journalist  
Leavitt, Michael   Assumpsit Capital   Chief Operating Officer  
Grossman, Gregory S.   Astigarraga Davis   Founding Shareholder  
Davis, Jr., Edward   Astigarraga Davis   Founding Shareholder  
Escobar, Annette C.   Astigarraga Davis   Partner  
Turner, Nathaniel   ASW Law Limited   Partner  
Woloniecki, Jan   ASW Law Limited   Head of Litigation  
Millischer, Sven   Axel Springer Schweiz AG / Handelszeitung   Head of Finance Section  
Nanavati, Jay   Baker & Hostetler LLP   Counsel  
Thomas, Simon   Baker & Partners   Advocate  
Mastracchio, Jim   Baker Hostetler   Partner  
Moscow, John   Baker Hostetler   Partner  
Chilton, Hadley   Baker Tilly   Head of Corporate Recovery & Insolvency  
Keeble-Buckle, Laurent   Baker Tilly (BVI) Limited   Restructuring & Insolvency  
Reeds, Darren   BDO (British Virgin Islands)   Director of Restructuring & Insolvency  
Magennis, Declan   BDO CRI (Cayman) Ltd   Manager  
Bekker, Carrie   Bekker Compliance Consulting Partners, LLC   CEO  
Caylor, Lincoln   Bennett Jones LLP   Partner  
Promislow, Ruth   Bennett Jones LLP   Partner  
Howard, Stewart   British Caribbean Bank Ltd   Managing Director  
Broadhurst, Kyle   Broadhurst LLC   Partner  
Broadhurst, Peter A.   Broadhurst LLC   Managing Director  
Broadhurst, Mary K   Broadhurst LLC, Barristers     
Potter-Questelles, Jennifer   BVI Financial Services Commission   Deputy Managing Director, Corporate Services  
Martin, Tashel   BVI Financial Services Commission   Regulator I  
Reovan, Denise   BVI Financial Services Commission     
Christopher, Debra   BVI Financial Services Commission   Assistant Registrar  
Penn, Trevon   BVI Financial Services Commission   Regulatory Cadet  
Baptiste, Shane   BVI Financial Services Commission   Senior Enforcement Officer  
Doward, Khiayah   BVI Financial Services Commission   Executive Assistant  
Forbes, Vinette   BVI Financial Services Commission   Regulator II  
Smith, Ra-Shawn   BVI Financial Services Commission   Executive Legal Assistant  
Malone, Kedrick   BVI International Finance Centre   Executive Director of BVI Finance  
McDonough, Ross   Campbells   Managing Partner  
Child, Brian   Campbells   Senior Counsel  
Austin-Smith, James   Campbells   Senior Associate  
Golaszewski, Jan   Carey Olsen   Partner  
Butterworth, Bill   Caribbean Investigative Network Ltd   Director  
Scott, Jude   Cayman Finance   CEO  
Piercy, Angela   Cayman Islands Financial Services Secretariat   Head of Communications and Public Affairs  
Cadenas, Ricardo   Chief Counsel, IRS/INTL   Branch Chief  
Robinson, Graham   Chris Johnson Associates Ltd   Manager  
Johnson, Chris   Chris Johnson Associates Ltd   Managing Director  
Homer, Russell   Chris Johnson Associates Ltd   Senior Associate  
Ebanks, Reina   CIBC Bank and Trust Company (Cayman) Limited   Head of Compliance  
Mangiaracina, Chris   CMMC & Associates, LLC   Principal/CEO  
Capriles, Miguel Angel   CMMC & Associates, LLC   Principal  
Garnett, Ken   Conway MacKenzie   Managing Director - Private Fund Services  
Duggan, Chris   Dart Enterprises   Vice President  
Lower, Alex   Deloitte   Financial Advisory Services Senior Consultant  
Graziola, Kerry   Deloitte Ltd.   Financial Advisory Services Senior Manager and BVI Insolvency Practitioner  
Evans, Mark   Dentons Canada LLP   Partner  
Deering, Jordan   Dentons Canada LLP   Partner  
Bahadur, Michelle   Department of Financial Services Policy and Legislation   Director  
Welcome, Wilber   Department of Financial Services, Policy and Legislation   Policy Officer  
Bertelsen, Morten   DN, Norway's business daily   US Correspondent  
Maher, Tom   DQ Advocates   Managing Partner  
Lightbourne, Karen   EPIC CORPORATE & CONSULTANCY SERVICES   Corporate Manager  
Quelch, Christa   EPIC Corporate & Consultancy Services Ltd.   DIRECTOR  
Hutchison, Keiran   Ernst & Young   Partner  
Cooperman, Jonathan   Farber Financial Group   Partner  
Dickerson, Joe   Financial Forensic Services LLC   CEO  
Archer-Dickerson, Stephanie   Financial Forensic Services, LLC   COO  
Gagnon, Rodney   Financial Forensic Services, LLC   Sr. Asset Analyst  
Roberts, Carolina   Financial Industry Regulatory Industry   AML Examiner  
Dhamalie, Sharon   Financial Reporting Authority (CAYFIN)   Administrative Manager  
Cowley, Michael   Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada   Manager  
Mackillop, Barry   Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada   Deputy Director  
HÜRNER, MARC   FIP International S.A.   CEO  
Lins, Klaus   FIPCOR     
Pickering, Polly   Foreshore   SVP Caribbean and Latin American  
Levin, Neal   Freeborn & Peters, LLP   Partner  
Magana, Omar   Frontier International Business Services   Managing Director  
David, Daniel   GeoInvesting   Partner  
Coleman, Charles   Gough Law   Director  
Saville, Mike   Grant Thornton   Director  
Ouriach, Sam   Grant Thornton   Manager  
Holukoff, David   Grant Thornton BVI   Director  
Wide, Marcus   Grant Thornton BVI   Managing Director  
Heakin, Jeffrey   Grant Thornton LLP   Manager - Investigative Research  
Dickson, Hugh   Grant Thornton Specialist Services (Cayman) Limited   Partner  
Richardson, Ian   Grant Thornton UK LLP   Director  
Ingram, David   Grant Thornton UK LLP   Partner  
Greenberg, Daniel   Greenberg & Co. Solicitors   Insolvency Practitioner-Attorney-Solicitor  
Gustafson, John   Gustafson Law   President  
Brouzos, Georg   Handelszeitung   editor  
Kish, Marc   Harneys   Partner  
Kemm, Larry   Harrison Kemm P.A.     
Harrison, William   Harrison Kemm P.A.     
Gaitor, Vann   Higgs & Johnson   Partner  
Thompson, LaShay   Higgs & Johnson   Associate  
Gluck, Warren   Holland & Knight   Senior Associate  
power, james   Holland & Knight   Partner  
Lambert, Ian   HSM Chambers   Attorney  
Davidson, Charles   Hudson Institute   Executive Director, Kleptocracy Initiative  
Davidson, Julie   Hudson Institute   Director, Media Operations -- Kleptocracy Initiative  
Redmond, Christopher   Husch Blackwell LLP   Partner  
Ferris, Nicholas   Independent   Non Executive Director  
Bocra, Nicole   Infinity Investigative     
Schenck, Carolyn   Internal Revenue Service   Senior Counsel  
Kiger, Cheryl   Internal Revenue Service   Technical Advisor  
Albina, Jacqueline   Internal Revenue Service   Technical Specialist  
Postizzi, Diane   International Client Services Inc   President  
Ryle, Gerard   International Consortium of Investigative Journalists   director  
Campbell, Kenneth   Invest Barbados   Director Investment Promotion & Facilitation  
Gittens, Leslie   INVEST BARBADOS   Senior Business Development Officer  
Stiernagle, Bryan   IRS   OCI - Program Manager  
Blum, Jack   Jack Blum, Esq.   Attorney  
Adams, Steve   Jones & Adams, P.A.   Attorney  
Nunez, Jose   KC Holding Company   Managing Director  
O'Brien, Jenna   Kinetic Partners     
Plowright, James   Kinetic Partners   Associate Director  
Menchel, Matthew   Kobre & Kim   Partner  
McGovern, William   Kobre & Kim   Partner  
Casey, Sean   Kobre & Kim LLP   Partner  
Harrell, Douglas   KPMG   Partner  
Romantini Berkowitz, Lucia   Kroll   Associate Managing Director / Head of Operations Investigations & Disputes / Latin America  
Seeckts, Andrew   KRyS Global   Senior Manager – KRyS Global (BVI)  
Rahming, Ed   Krys Rahming & Associates   Managing Director  
Stewart, Robin E.   Lathrop & Gage LLP     
Turnquest, Marco   Lennox Paton     
Jenkins, Chris   Lennox Paton   Jr. Partner  
Wilson, Brice   Magnitude Capital, LLC     
Mahany, Brian   Mahany & Ertl   Owner  
Cover, Nanalie   Maples and Calder   Regional Head of Compliance  
Hanna, Loletta   Maples and Calder   Compliance Officer  
Allam, Craig   Martin Kenney & Co   Managing Director of Investigations  
Reardon-John, Shaun   Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors   Associate Solicitor  
Kenney, Martin   Martin Kenney & Co., Solicitors   Principal  
Bodnar, Andrew   Matrix Chambers   Barrister  
Roache, Paulette   Meridian Law Chambers   Partner  
Weiss, Jessica   Miami New Times   Staff Writer  
Lee, Michael   Michael Lee + Assoc. Inc.   President  
Emery, Andrew   Mourant Ozannes   Senior Associate  
Cecere, Rocco   Mourant Ozannes   Managing Associate  
Dickson, Simon   Mourant Ozannes   Partner  
Armada, Pedro   Nardello & Co.   Director  
Warren, Tom   Net-Patrol   President  
Sablone, Jonathan   Nixon Peabody LLP   Partner  
Stammberger, Kurt   Norse   Senior Vice President  
Himo, Julie   Norton Rose Fulbright Canada   Lawyer  
Manns, Ryan E.   Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP   Sr. Counsel  
Simpson, O'Neil   Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions   Crown Counsel  
Flax Ward, Chantal   Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions   Crown Counsel  
Reeves, Daniel   Offshore Compliance & Enforcement Consulting   Principal Consultant  
Marchant, David   OffshoreAlert   Owner & Editor  
Kravitz, Lina   OffshoreAlert   Account Executive  
Comerford, Naomi   OffshoreAlert   Director of Sales & Marketing  
Taggart, Chris   OpenCorporates   CEO & Co-Founder  
Radu, Paul   Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Proj   Executive Director  
Sullivan, Andrew   Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project   Editor  
Olivera III, Herman   Pathfinder Management   President & CEO  
Klein, Michael   Pinnacle Media   Editor  
Newry, Gamal   Preventative Measures   President  
Conway, Simon   PricewaterhouseCoopers (Cayman)   Partner  
Walker, David   PricewaterhouseCoopers (Cayman)   Partner  
McConvill, James   Principal, James McConvill & Associates   Senior Lecturer, Victoria Law School, Melbourne  
Dinkin, Natasha   Project Layers Limited   Founder  
Connolly, Joseph   PwC   Director  
McIntyre, William   Rannoch Consulting & Research LLC   President  
McCarroll, James C.   Reed Smith   Partner  
Karides, Constantine   Reed Smith LLP   Partner  
Lowe, Stephen   Registrar of Companies Government of Bermuda   Registrar of Companies  
Bruckerhoff, Joshua   Reid Collins & Tsai LLP   Partner  
Schwegmann, Greg   Reid Collins & Tsai LLP   Partner  
Vimont, Jordan   Reid Collins & Tsai LLP   Partner  
Palmer, Nathan   Reid Collins & Tsai LLP   Partner  
Fagenson, Zachary   Reuters   Correspondent  
Kennedy, Chris   RHSW (CAYMAN) LIMITED   Director  
Trott, Martin   RHSW Caribbean, BVI   Director, Restructuring & Insolvency  
Kane, Brick   Robb Evans & Associates LLC   President & Chief Operating Officer  
Johnson, Kenton   Robb Evans & Associates LLC   Executive Vice President  
Parent, Roger   Roger H. Parent, Jr., Inc.   President  
Stewart, Cheryl   Royal Bank of Canada   Manager  
Sauer, Gustavo   Sauer Arruda Pinto Advogados   Lawyer  
Bostock, Stuart   Security Centres International Ltd   Director of Business Development  
Carey, Christopher   Sharesleuth.com   Editor  
Yancey, Thomas   Sidley Austin LLP   Partner  
Ogundipe, Babajide   Sofunde, Osakwe, Ogundipe & Belgore   Partner  
Boyd, Roddy   Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation   Editor  
Axler, Ben   Spruce Point Capital Management   Founder and Managing Partner  
Honegger, Arthur   SRF - Swiss Television   Washington Bureau Chief  
Stenning, James   Stenning & Associates   Managing Director  
Fosuhene, Amelia   Stenning & Associates   Senior Associate  
Vosti, Andrea   Swiss Broadcasting   North America Correspondent -RSI  
Gobet, Pierre   Swiss Broadcasting   North America Correspondent - RTS  
Paggini, Thomas   Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR Idée Suiss   Washington Correspondent  
Garfinkle, Adam   The American Interest LLC   Editor  
Skaalmo, Goran   The Norwegian Business Daily -- Dagens N   Journalist  
Thein, Egide   Truth Technologies   Chairman  
Butler, Peter   UBP Bahamas   Compliance Officer  
Levine, Jason   Vinson & Elkins LLP   Partner  
Gibson, Andrew   Walkers   Associate  
Bell, Rupert   Walkers Global   Senior Counsel  
Zerbe, Dean   Zerbe, Fingeret, Frank & Jadav LP   Partner  
Cleaver, Jim   Zolfo Cooper   Chairman  

The 13th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference

May 3-5, 2015, The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach
Miami Beach, Florida U.S.A.


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