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HSBC Bank Paper Fraud Trading Program: Polaris Group Inc., et al.
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 10/16/2008 12:59:13 PM

By: Unwanted Publicity

It is understood that on or about June of 2008 a $1,500,000,000 billion (USD) time deposit certificate - drawn on HSBC HOLDING PLC ( UK ) - was presented for trade to POLARIS GROUP INC. ( 2 Roosevelt Ave., Syosset, NY, 11791, USA ) by its Director Of Finance and Chairman of the Board Arie Blumenfeld who presented himself as "Trader" in this transaction and further identified himself using a Knights Of Malta diplomatic passport ( 29031 DPL ), along with Polaris Group Inc. corporate Secretary Nimfa S. Moral ( Philippines passport: TT0191436 - PHL ), whom provided KEN HOWARTH & ASSOCIATES ( UK ) with their Power Of Attorney to complete this deal.

Only one problem... The HSBC HOLDINGS PLC $1,500,000,000 (USD) billion time deposit certificate naming Huo Si Li is a fraudulent reproduction out-of where Blumenfeld and Nimfa used the services of Larry Sai Kit Ko ( 3501 Gloucester Tower, The Landmark Building, 11 Pedder Street, Central Hong Kong, PRC ) to notarize their support documents in the deal.

Who was the victim? Perhaps, New Scotland Yard may someday shed some light on this bank paper trading fraud when the victim finally comes forward, after they advanced $500,000 (USD) to bring this deal to fruition that never materialized except for their money into the pockets of Knights Of Malta fraudsters.

Thirteen ( 13 ) color image documents, surrounding the aforementioned information, is currently available for viewing online - although no one knows for sure how long they will be allowed to remain online for general public viewing - at the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website album pages:

Album 014 ( Page 1 ), at:


Album 014 ( Page 2 ), at:

Click each thumbnail image to enlarge each document for better viewing.

It is believed that POLARIS GROUP INC. directors, in-addition to Arie Blumenfeld and Nimfa S. Moral, also include Bernard W. Schuchardt and Steven F. Miller.

Anyone with further information surrounding those individuals, entities, and/or these related circumstances, I'd like to know.

Thank you.






Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 10/20/2008 3:02:20 PM

By: ShoreLines

Website documents [ and
] indicate POLARIS GROUP INC. Chairman of the Board, Arie Blumenfeld, uses a Knights Of Malta diplomatic passport, and POLARIS GROUP INC. executive director is Bernard W. Schuchardt who may have his own Knights Of Malta connection. This 1994 information was found on the internet:

The Self-Styled Orders Of Saint John" - Part II
by, Guy Stair Sainty

"... A later communication from this group, this time sent from a new address [11] where they have been resident since late 1994, came from "Sir Bernard Schuchardt", whose position in this "Order" was not stated. The stationary had by now been changed to "Knights of Malta / Sovereign Order of the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem / O.S.J." and Schuchardt's letter enclosed two "Personal Biographical Questionnaires" for those chosen to be "Nominees for the Honour of The Cross of Merit of the Order of Malta". These documents did not demand much of the applicants in the form of biographical information but, mysteriously, demanded to know their height, weight, colors of their eyes and their blood group. It is likely that more will be heard of them before long..."


So, what do we have here? Knights Of Malta business financial investment fraudsters running global schemes 'with' or 'without' the Pope's blessings? Or, are these fraudsters members of the many false-flag Knights Of Malta or other secret sect wannabies?

The bank paper ( $1.5-Billion ? ) is grandiose enough. Add to the ridiculous, the unsightly window-dressing of mystics, secret trading programs ( 1,000% interest rates promised ) , sects ( secret handshakes, gowns with pointy hats ), codewords ( abracadabra ) and such continues to attract even loonier ( lunarier ) moon-bat investors mesmerized by exhaulted 'titles' of blood sucking financial nonsense fraudsters ( vampires ).

But do they all wear magical capes, or just flash their Knights Of Malta passports to get people to empty their accounts out to them?

Submitted for review,



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