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Axiom Legal Financing Fund fraudster David Rae arrested in US for 'money laundering'

UK national David Rae, who in 2012 was exposed by OffshoreAlert as one of the main perpetrators of a £100 million investment fraud by Cayman Islands-domiciled Axiom Legal Financing Fund, is in custody in New Jersey after being indicted for money laundering twice in two days in separate US jurisdictions regarding alleged healthcare fraud schemes.

Offshore Intelligence: Beyond The Promotional Material

An honest talk by OffshoreAlert Editor David Marchant about his experiences during 29 years of investigating financial enterprises that are based or domiciled in offshore jurisdictions.

Asset Recovery takes center stage at OffshoreAlert Conference

Sessions will cover everything from tracing, freezing and seizing assets to funding it all using third-party financing.

Tackling Latin America: The FBI's New Anti-Corruption Unit

Two FBI Agents will talk about the Bureau's new Miami-based international corruption squad at this month's OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami Beach.

How To Make Millions From Whistleblowing

Hear from the heads of the whistleblower units of the SEC, the CFTC, and the IRS, Stephen Kohn, who represents the Danske Bank whistleblower, and Canadian securities regulator Christine Tabbert.

Litigation Funding: Financing Claims & Latest Developments

If you're a claimant looking for an investor, an investor looking for a claimant, a litigation funder or interested party wanting to know of emerging issues, or a professional seeking to break into the industry, we have you covered at next month's OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami Beach.

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Letter to the Editor from Bermuda-based Trudie Ottolini attacking OffshoreAlert for not removing a copy of a writ of summons against her and a related article after the case was settled.
Letter from Bermuda-based lawyer Richard Horseman, of Wakefield Quin, demanding the removal of an article and writ of summons at Bermuda Supreme Court regarding his client, Trudie Ottolini, "within 7 days" or we will "commence proceedings against Offshore Alert".


  • Above The Law: Sometimes you just need some documents about these bastards.Read Article.
David Marchant
Drug trafficking and fraud are primary sources of illicit funds in St Kitts-Nevis: US report
  • WIC News: The United States Department of State in Washington, DC, said drug trafficking and...
David Marchant

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