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Protect Your Privacy: How To Scrub The Internet Of Negative Information

Emboldened by a legal victory against Google in 2014, Paris-based attorney Dan Shefet specializes in helping clients remove negative information about them on the Internet. At the upcoming OffshoreAlert Conference in London, Dan will show attendees how he goes about it.

Blockchain & Offshore: How To Avoid a Bad Romance

Learn about different types of fraudulent blockchain and cryptocurrency schemes, strategies to avoid and detect them, and how to recover assets at OffshoreAlert's Financial Intelligence & Investigations Conference in London.

Free 'ICIJ v. OFCs' recording now available

Given the importance of the subject matter - and as a token of our appreciation to our loyal following, we’ve made an audio recording of the session on ‘The ICIJ v. OFCs: Witch-Hunt or Public Service’ from last week's OffshoreAlert Conference available for FREE.

Making Sense of Big Data In Global Finance

 Two sessions on how Big Data can be managed, structured, and analyzed to understand what’s going on will take place at next month’s OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami. 

SEC, CFTC & IRS whistleblowing chiefs to speak at OffshoreAlert Conference

A whistleblowing super-panel comprising the heads of the whistleblower divisions of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service will form part of next month's OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami.

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Letter from Gary Mares, of Australia, threatening to sue OffshoreAlert (and the Cayman Compass) for "personal defamation" concerning the publication of a complaint filed against him by Cayman Enterprise City at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands
Letter from Allan Doughty, of BeesMont Law, requesting the removal of a complaint against his law firm that was filed at Bermuda Supreme Court.


  • Wealth Manager: A Jersey wealth adviser has appeared in court accused of losing vulnerable...
David Marchant
Report: More Cayman court records being kept secret
  • Cayman Compass: The Grand Court’s financial services division is keeping an increasing number...
David Marchant

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