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ICIJ's Offshore Investigations: Making Sense Of Complex Data

Learn how investigators are able to expose fraud, corruption and other financial crimes with graph technologies.

Offshore Evasion: UK & US Criminal Tax Chiefs to Speak at OffshoreAlert London

The criminal heads of HMRC & the IRS will discuss the latest initiatives to clampdown on offshore tax evasion at OffshoreAlert Conference in London.

David Marchant is only alive because killing him would be a crime.

Find out how we do it and why fraudsters hate us at The 7th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe in London, on November 12-13th, 2018.

Fraudster moans: ‘OffshoreAlert caused 85% fall in investments’

Less than 12 months later, Privilege Wealth disclosed it was insolvent by over $40 million due to fraud and went into administration. If OffshoreAlert hadn’t exposed the fraud in its early stages, the losses would likely have been tens of millions of dollars higher.

Liechtenstein’s Modern Day Grave Robbers: Stealing The Assets of Dead Clients

the family of Israeli tycoon Israel Perry has been waging a bitter legal war against a trust company in Liechtenstein in a so-far vain attempt to gain access to the deceased’s vast fortune. Are Trustees Misappropriating Assets When Clients Die & What Are The Remedies?

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Letter from Gary Mares, of Australia, threatening to sue OffshoreAlert (and the Cayman Compass) for "personal defamation" concerning the publication of a complaint filed against him by Cayman Enterprise City at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands
Letter from Allan Doughty, of BeesMont Law, requesting the removal of a complaint against his law firm that was filed at Bermuda Supreme Court.


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What are 'golden passport' schemes and how do they enable tax dodging?
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David Marchant

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