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Cayman attorney Michael Wingrave & client Jazeb Jones demonstrate how not to deal with the media

March 13, 2015 by David Marchant

After my blog last year entitled "A Message to Greg Fairley, Ashley Hurst & Anyone Else Thinking of Threatening Me', I didn't think any lawyer-client duo would be stupid enough to repeat the mistake of needlessly threatening to sue me and OffshoreAlert.

I should have known better. 

The latest candidates for 'numbnuts of the year' are Cayman attorney Michael Wingrave, who's a minion with nondescript local law firm Dinner Martin, and his client, Jazeb Jones, who approximately five days ago became unemployed after departing DMS Bank & Trust in the Cayman Islands, of which he was Managing Director. 

After I inquired with Jones yesterday via LinkedIn as to why he abruptly left DMS, including whether he was terminated, as has been indicated to me, Jones decided not to respond directly but instead went trotting off to Wingrave in the remarkably ignorant belief that the best way to deal with OffshoreAlert was to threaten us. 

After stating in an email today that "Our client was not dismissed by DMS" but adding "We are not prepared to descend into any further detail in that regard", Wingrave then descended into La La Land by 'inviting' me to "name your sources in order that our client may take steps to bring these defamatory rumours to an end", asking me to provide an "undertaking" that OffshoreAlert "will not publish on the basis of the rumours" and, if no such undertaking was provided by 2 pm EST that same day, Wingrave and his client would "take Court action in the form of an urgent injunction to prohibit publication". 

Wingrave didn't specify the court or jurisdiction but it doesn't matter. His local court, the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, has no jurisdiction over OffshoreAlert and, as such, is unlikely to grant an injunction that it could not enforce, while any U.S. court would probably ridicule him as much as I'm doing here. 

After I responded by telling Wingrave that he was "delusional" and that: "You really ought to get off the island more since you seem to be clueless about how the world operates outside Cayman", he decided to double-down by sending two more threatening emails. 

In the first, he stated that: "I remind you that silence on your intention will be treated as confirmation of intention to publish. I reserve the right, on Mr. Jones’ behalf, to bring this correspondence to the attention of the Court in the course of our client’s application for an injunction, should such an application prove necessary" and in the second that "This is your last chance before proceedings are issued against you and/or Offshore Alert to confirm whether or not and if so when you intend to publish." 

As with Greg Fairley, the mind-numbingly stupid decision to threaten OffshoreAlert has inevitably had the opposite effect to that desired by Jazeb Jones, i.e. it has led to more publicity (in the form of this blog) than he otherwise would have had. In the case of Jones, I haven't written an article about him and I probably won't - that's how insignificant I think he is. 

When will attorneys and their clients learn? Hopefully never because lampooning them is one of my favorite past-times. 


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