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'Our bank is licensed by the Pentagon' - An Interview With Two Fraudsters

July 09, 2015 by David Marchant 3 Comments

It's not often that you get to hear conmen in action. Today you do. Click on the play button above to listen to a telephone interview that I conducted on July 2nd with Sam Zumbe and Jean-Philippe Grange, who have been trying to further swindle victims of a '5% per month' investment fraud conducted by London-based CWM via a BVI shell company, with funds going into a Cayman Islands bank. Grange is on the left in the image, Zumbe is on the right.

Using a combination of bluster (Zumbe) and charm (Grange), they try to persuade me that their Delaware-domiciled paper entity, Newport Enterprises Group LLC, is licensed as a bank by "the Pentagon" and "the US Treasury", on whose behalf it conducts "special operations" that I couldn't possibly comprehend because it's all hush-hush and way above my pay grade.

Zumbe repeatedly implied that he was an operative for the CIA and/or FBI. "I don't think you know who we are yet," he said, adding that I would be "crushed by the FBI" and was "making a big mistake" that "could easily lead to a custodial sentence". "I won't use the three-letter abbreviation," he added. "If you haven't worked out who we are yet, then you're a bigger fool than I thought you were." He threatened that: "We're going to pass your details on to our colleagues at the FBI."

When Zumbe realized his particular brand of BS was falling on deaf-ears, he became increasingly agitated, telling me that: "We're not scum bags that you usually talk to, ok. We're professionals operating at the top level with the American secret services. Now either you get a life or you're going to get crushed. You're in the way, ok. Do you watch Hollywood? It's a bit like the movies, my friend, ok. So either you take my advice or you're going to get crushed. Simple … you're nothing … you're just a nosey parker with no intelligence, no technical knowledge. You don't know what you're dealing with."

After more than half-an-hour of conversation, Zumbe finally twigged that I might be recording the call and abruptly hung up.

If you have 36 minutes and 44 seconds to spare, I encourage you to listen to the recording. It's both entertaining and insightful into how the minds of fraudsters work. If you're pushed for time, you might want to fast-forward to the 27 min. 20 sec. mark and listen to the last nine minutes, when Zumbe utters some of his most colorful claims, threats and insults.

If US law enforcement wants more information about these two jokers, including their contact information, please contact me and I'll give you chapter and verse.

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  • Belbo
    By Belboon Thursday, July 9, 2015 5:48:13 PM

    Quite brilliant....and by the way, hugely entertaining if you have a bit of time to listen

    • Abdul
      By Abdulon Thursday, October 22, 2015 2:48:50 PM

      To Mr. David E. Marchant I would like to start from where you ended your above add which says IF US LAW ENFORCEMENT WANTS MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THOSE (TWO JOKERS) INCLUDING THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT ME AND I'LL GIVE YOU CHAPTER AND VERSE. First of all I wish to know why you did not reported them to the US Authorities as such you are an investigator? Then wish to let you know that you are totally ignorant as far as the type of work and financial services are provided in this world and it can never be into your knowledge as such people like you are not nor ever will reach such highly sophisticated type of financial services in the world of banking. However, would like you to tell me what do you know about Sovereign funds and gold? Mostly you will not even know what dose it mean nor you have ever come in counter with the real Sovereign Gold owners and those whom have inherited this gold. Do you? Therefore I wish to let you know that you were very arrogant and you have Impersonating the investigator personality by a governmental entity and this act of yours itself is fraudulent act. If you need to know more about the world highly sophisticated financial services then contact us and by the way, I wonder why both gentlemen whom you named them by bad words are still on their place and doing their work? So you know now after almost 4 months of your so called fake investigations they are there and doing perfect work and you are the one got your self into such Shameful and embarrassing situation. Aburub

      • Fl.
        By Fl.on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 10:34:51 AM

        Hello, We have just taken note of this article and are very fond of it because we have entrusted funds to a company called Servivac Managment ltd in london, managed by Mr Jean Michel Sporn; Which proposes to manage funds under the financial guaranty of Newport Entreprises Do you think we have to go to the courts to get our money back? Thank you for your reply

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