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To supporters in Bermuda of Nicholas Genevieve-Tweed ...

January 07, 2017 by David Marchant 1 Comment

... you should want to know (but probably don't) that Genevieve-Tweed was sued in New York in 2005 (click to download for free) for allegedly defrauding an elderly lady out of a high-value property while she was dying. Separately, at least two judgments for indebtedness have been entered against him in New York: One for $2,874 in favor of Ford Motor Credit Co. in 2010 and one for $4,807 in favor of Citibank South Dakota NA in 2011.

The action for allegedly defrauding the elderly lady was essentially re-filed at Surrogate's Court in Queens County in New York in 2006 and settled by the church-based corporate defendant, Macedonia Community Development Corp., for $190,000 in 2011.

For those who don't know, Genevieve-Tweed is an American Pastor who was recently denied a work permit renewal in Bermuda, leading to street protests and workplace walkouts by members of the Bermuda Industrial Union, which has apparently decided he's just the sort of chap that Bermuda needs for some moral guidance.

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  • Shameful
    By Shamefulon Monday, January 9, 2017 12:28:25 PM

    This complaint was dismissed: Posting an uncorroborated complaint especially when the complaint was fully dismissed is low. Anyone can make a complaint! These were probably distant relatives. The case was dismissed and these action to try to sully a man go God who does excellent work in whatever community he resides is shameful! Seems that people will go a long way to discredit this man who speaks with authority against injustice!

      • David Marchant

        One more thing: This action was indeed dismissed but principally because the person with legal standing to bring such an action was the Temporary Administrator of the Estate of Willene Barton, who subsequently brought such an action in 2006 against Nicholas Genevieve-Tweed, Catherine Williams, and Macedonia Community Development Corp., for which Tweed and Williams were said to be "agents". It transpired that the property was indeed transferred to Macedonia for the nominal amount of "ten dollars" by the deceased - a 76-year-old woman - shortly before her death. Macedonia ended up settling the action in May, 2011 by agreeing to pay $190,000.

        • David Marchant

          The complaint speaks for itself as do the at least two judgments for indebtedness against Nicholas Genevieve-Tweed. To assume someone is innocent because he "is a man of God" is ridiculous.

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