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Victims of Fraud: OffshoreAlert wants to hear from you

May 12, 2017 by David Marchant 2 Comments
OffshoreAlert wants to hear from victims of high-value fraud who are seeking litigation funding so they can try to recover assets from those who swindled them and their enablers.

The reason: At The OffshoreAlert Europe Conference in London on November 13-14, 2017, we will introduce victims to litigation funders who might be able to help them.

Pre-approved fraud victims will receive a FREE TICKET to attend our London event. They will just have to meet their own travel and accommodation costs.

To apply for this opportunity, please complete our CONFIDENTIAL APPLICATION FORM in which you will be asked to provide details of your claim so we can determine whether or not to approve you for a free ticket. This information will not be disclosed to third-parties without your consent.

Only victims whose losses, either individually or as part of a group, are at least £10 million will be considered for participation.

Neither I nor OffshoreAlert will receive any financial compensation, directly or indirectly, from any arrangements that victims and litigation funders may enter into as a result of our initiative, nor will we assume any liabilities. We are simply attempting to make introductions because it fits in with OffshoreAlert's general business philosophy of helping fraud victims - and exposing those who have ripped them off.

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  • brett
    By bretton Wednesday, December 20, 2017 4:57:09 PM

    Heurston Group PLC (formally 2up gaming) have been raising money for over 6 years now from investors, 90% Australian. Over 15 million in aussie dollars has been lost to this company who frequently post false and misleading information on their website... The company continues to raise money from unsuspecting investors when it has no income, large losses and basically is trading whilst insolvent... Its very convenient that the company raises money in australia , has it head office in australia, has mostly australian directors and yet is a UK company... The company was formally listed on a small stock exchange (GXG)and this Frankfurt exchange closed and now all investors are trapped. Aust securities (ASIC) cannot help as its a UK company.. Heurston group was recently sued over a convertible note debt in the Australian courts case Vic 1313.. This judgement has now been recognised by the UK courts and papers served on company to pay or be placed into receivership... Can you get this on the internet for other investors to see so they know whats going on.. There are over 450 investors in Australia with money in company... I added some of this info to your blog but it is a fair way down on the main page of Heurston Group and the concern is no one is seeing it... hope you can help regards Brett

    • Ackers
      By Ackerson Friday, August 3, 2018 5:53:10 PM

      Any news about Jeremy Leach and his failed Traded Life Policies Funds?

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