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Editor's Blog: OffshoreAlert Owner & Editor David Marchant on issues affecting international finance

I've been a journalist since 1984, working in the UK, Bermuda and the USA. I've investigated and exposed hundreds of financial scams and gained an acute understanding of the seedy side of international finance. I know how it works and why it flourishes.

Offshore Finance Blog: Offshore stakeholders discuss products, services & issues affecting the industry

For decades, Offshore Financial Centers have been used by High Net Worth Individuals and Big Corporations to improve their financial performance. And, for almost as long, the world's major governments have been trying to stop them. It's a high-stakes game of cat and mouse.

Fraud & Asset Recovery Blog: Legal & practical issues in detecting & investigating fraud & recovering assets

International finance is rife with dishonest and unethical practices as individuals and businesses attempt to enrich themselves. Honesty seems to be the exception, rather than the rule. If you are defrauded, the road to any meaningful recovery is complicated and expensive.

Whistleblowing Blog: The ins-and-outs of a potentially lucrative but career-ending emerging industry

Whistleblowing offers conscientious or disgruntled employees an opportunity to profit by turning-in their employers to the authorities. It comes with a heavy price, however, both emotionally and the near-certainty that a whistleblower will have to find a new career.