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transfer of funds
Posted: Sunday, May 5, 2019
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it says that if someone managed to setup a trust or foundation that some third party is managing so that the real owners name doesnt show up for the common reporting standard, automatic exchange of information, or tax information exchange agreements then their name will never show up! 

the trust or foundation is where either offshore money or money which has been deposited in digital banks/electronic money institutions is actually located. the real owner of that trust or foundation happens to live in the united kingdom or united states and since his or her money isnt in local banks within either country, how would they go about having access to those funds assuming they gave that trust or foundation an order to execute the transference of funds to the united kingdom or united states? would such transference of funds be done anonymously or not if those funds are coming from abroad to the uk or us? would they be able to use this service to do it anonymously or not ? how could funds be transfered anonymously from abroad to either country without the use of financial institutions or governments? can someone please tell me. rsvp. thank you.

i live in the united states and have offshore money hidden in a trust/foundation that a third party is managing which is under their name and not mine and i pay them so my name will not appear to the offshore banks.  if i give an order to that trust or foundation to execute in the transference of funds, would they be able to send money from abroad to the united states without financial institutions or governments knowing about this money or not?  can you please tell me.  rsvp. 

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