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Wall Street Murder Of FBI Informant Al Chalem Linked To Enron & AFG...
Posted: Wednesday, November 20, 2013
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Does anyone with a brain between their ears really think the FBI cannot solve the 1999 mob hit murder of Albert Alain Chalem who was one of their own informants???

A writer named Gary Weiss was hired to lead everyone away from the true motives and the true killers. Those that know Chalem and Vax like I did know now what almost nobody knew in 1999... Chalem brokered $10 million of unregistered shares of Enron offshore for a corrupt Texas politician who was probably fronting for Cheney. (He's now behind bars - go ask him). Another pair of brokers John Pierre Gonyou and Scott Galin of Florida handled a similar transaction at the same period of time for Cheney himself.

These guys all had dealings at American Financial Group of Aventura, Florida - a front company owned by a 20 year veteran of the Justice Department (Edward Chism) and a former CIA analyst (David Siegel). Here's the leads to follow if anyone wants to know WHY Chalem, Gonyou, and Galin all had to die.

The sick part about all this is the FBI were tipped off about AFG in 1996, but the honest agent who opened the investigation was promptly transferred to New Orleans and the DoJ in Washington commandeered the case and then just locked it away in the closet. WHY?  Because AFG was laundering millions for the most powerful diplomats, federal judges, corrupt agents and General Manuel Noriega and the guy who used to answer the telephone at 202-456-3345 at the White House.Canadian investors were knowingly swindled out of $43 million while the DoJ knew all along their inaction FOR FOUR YEARS would cause these Canadians and dozens of Europeans and Americans to lose their investments.

I worked at AFG for a couple of years and when they stiffed me on a big fat commission from Saudi Arabia, I turned them into that honest FBI agent. I gave them all the account numbers and client lists. The newspapers reported $87 million was "missing" but they did not factor in another $20 million belonging to Noriega and another $30 million being laundered for the whose who of the GOP. Drug moneys donated to George W. Bush's campaign were funneled through the AFG proxy. There was not a single "missing" dollar but if that money was officially found off shore, too many government officials would have to explain why their money was comingled with Noriega's and drug proceeds of Steve Finta and former FBI agent Terry Nelson. It would surely be a bloody mess that would make Contragate look like a fairy tale.

If there is another Elliott Spitzer out there (a prosecutor with a spine and a pair of balls), I invite you to do your job. There is no statute of limitation on murder. And do you really think Cliff Baxter and Ken Lay's deaths were not really murders as well?


Posted: Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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So strange that nobody bothers to ask Melonie Murray Gonyou what she was doing at the Atlantis Resort Casino in the Bahamas and how her new husband earned $660,000 in a single day and how she knows the name of Alain Chalem.

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