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Sean Quinn, European International Bank, and schemes ....(1)
Posted: Saturday, July 16, 2016
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Interesting update of recent activities by Sean Quinn

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted:9/7/2003 11:45:10 AM

By: Price, David Indy Chityal, Sean Quinn, and EAB

Posted: Saturday, July 16, 2016
Joined: 7/16/2016
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Sean Alexander Quinn aka Alex Sean MacLaren was arrested and charged with criminal deception and money laundering in Barbados in February 2002, he was granted bail in the amount of Bds$2 million (US$1 million) but, as he was unable to raise sufficient funds, he was remanded in custody until December of the same year. The criminal deception charge was that he induced others to falsely believe that they had purchased a certain product, the money laundering charges related to the fact that he had then transferred the resulting funds to the sales teams in Canada. He pled guilty to the money laundering charge and was fined US$10,000.

Sean Alexander Quinn's business is now Cambridge Guarantee Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 06076416. This company was loaned GBP£2 million from investors through Arck LLP in a GBP£47.5 million Arck investment scam run by Mr Richard Aston Clay and Ms Kathryn Joy Clark. To date the money loaned has not been paid back.
Posted: Monday, October 31, 2016
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With the recent Google blogs that have been taken down it is quite concerning that the public will be unable to complete detailed due diligence on Sean Alexander Quinn of Cambridge Guarantee Limited.

Page no longer exists, original content contributed & written by Kenneth Rijock.

When known fraudsters resurface in another jurisdiction, honest businessmen beware. A decade ago, A financial institution in Grenada, The European-American International Bank & Trust Company Ltd. failed under mysterious circumstances, and its depositors lost millions of dollars. Inasmuch as I have recentlyseen some of the names of the participants in the bank's affairs, I am bringing it to your attention.

European-American, when it became insolvent, and was liquidated through the High Court of Grenada, was found to have some major deficiencies, which were reported to the Grenadian regulatory authorities by the Liquidator, in a number of documents that are public:

(1) There was no actual Capitalisation, though the figure of $25m was listed by the bank.
(2) Only one of the four directors was ever vetted and approved by the regulators. None of the others submitted sufficient biographical information to be vetted, and one, who had a large claim against him, was asking for a waiver.
(3) There was no Reserve Fund for losses. The bank had no assets, and the deposits were gone.
(4) The bulk of the bank's deposits were "invested" with a company run by one of the directors; it went out of business, with no assets, and is considered to be a suspected fraud. Its name: New World International Investments Corp.
(5) There was no Due Diligence, or Customer Identification Procedure, performed on the bank's customers.
(6) The bank's account in a Maltese bank had been closed, and its US account frozen by a US Court, in a Federal forfeiture case.

The names of the self-declared "directors" most of which were never approved by regulators:

(A) Raymond Yusi, Managing Director/President
(B) Sean Alexander Quinn a/k/a Alex Sean McClaren ( later charged with Money Laundering)
(C) Barry Sturges
(D) David Price

Updates are being provided by a user on Twitter at

Posted: Sunday, January 29, 2017
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Similarity number 92. Arck invested in Nottingham Helicopters to indulge Clay's flying hobby. CG has a finance charge on it secured on a light aeroplane (which must, therefore be an asset of CG) perhaps to indulge Mr Quinn's hobby. Why else would a small financial products business need a light aircraft? Curious that it keeps turning up at well known international financial centres like Leicester, Cambridge, Camberley, Bembridge (IoW), Duxford and Tewksbury.

I'm also curious as to why a services company which should require the best part of zero capital to be spent in advance has accumulated such large losses to date (excluding the write off of the Arck money which CG was able to do in a deal with Arck's liquidators). You'd have thought that if it were trading successfully, it would be in profit after nine years.

Written by Bryan Jones 10:44 AM on 18/1/2017


Posted: Friday, July 21, 2017
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Further information relating to Arck LLP and Cambridge Guarantee.

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