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Coldwell Corporation - formerly: CSR and WSR
Coldwell Corporation Offshore
Posted: Saturday, July 13, 2013
Joined: 7/13/2013
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 There are SO MANY complaints about:

COLDWELL Corporation
95 Wilton Road
Suite 3
London, SW1V 1BZ
(UK) United Kingdom
TEL +44 20 7117 07 00
Fax +44 20 +7117 4 700


First important point!
Major line of business are offshore tax haven structures!  

Second important point!
Some of all this complaints around the internet are posted from angry clients that feels being ripped off.But you have to understand on all about this that the customers itself are dibous people. BECAUSE: Coldwell Corporation is not offering services helping getting respectable persons with an legitimate business background up- and running. No way! The clients, most of them, BUT NOT EVERYONE, are looking for hiding personal identifications, tax evasion and some of them also money laundering. Illegaly activities. Bot from both sides!

Third important point!
If you are a serious minded guy that has been ripped off, please visit the following URL:

and you will get REAL HELP and not vent your anger only over the internet. With this domain you will get help in the meaning of where Coldwell Corporation are REALLY LOCATED and you will be provided with google map, real address , real phone numbers, real names of all persons and also the contact details of the nearest police statition that is only 5 minutes away.



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