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Posted: Monday, May 12, 2014
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Does anybody know of other law firms who have assisted investors against venulum?

Harris Moure Law firm

600 Stewart Street, Suite 1200

Seattle, WA 98101

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Posted: Monday, July 18, 2016
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In the Matter of MARK CHRISTOPHER TROTTER, Respondent. Core Terms successor, license, entity


Opinion By: [*1] Patricia D. Struck, Administrator, Division of Securities




Based upon the attached Petition for Order I have reason to believe that a security has been offered or sold in Wisconsin by an unlicensed person in violation of Ch. 551, Wis. Stats., and that any further offer or sale of unregistered securities by or on behalf of the Respondent would be fraudulent to purchasers and I find that this action is necessary and appropriate in the public interest and for the protection of investors;

Therefore, pursuant to sees. 551.60(2)(a) and (b) and 551.63, Wis. Stats., IT IS ORDERED THAT:

a. Mark Christopher Trotter, his agents, servants, employees, and every entity and person directly or indirectly controlled or organized by or on his behalf, are prohibited from making or causing to be made to any person or entity in Wisconsin any further offers or sales of securities unless and until such securities are registered under Ch. 551, Wis. Stats., or successor

statute, or properly exempted there from.
b. Mark Christopher Trotter is prohibited from transacting business as a securities agent in Wisconsin unless licensed under

Ch. 551, Wis.Stats., or successor [*2] statute, or excepted from the licensing requirement. EXECUTED at Madison, Wisconsin, this 2d day of February, 1998.

Under sec. 551.61(2), Wis. Stats., within thirty (30) days after any Order has become effective without a bearing, any interested party may file a written request with the Administrator of the Division of Securities for a hearing in respect to any matters determined by the Order. A request for hearing shall be in the form of a petition for hearing and shall, under section SEC 8.01, Wis. Adm. Code, plainly admit or deny each specific allegation, finding, or conclusion in the Order and incorporated papers (unless the petitioner lacks sufficient knowledge or information to permit an admission or denial, in which case the petition shall so state, an<;! such statement shall have the effect of a denial), and shall state all affirmative defenses.

You are advised that any wilful violation of an Order issued by the Administrator of the Division of Securities of the State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions under Ch. 551, Wis. Stats., is a criminal offense punishable under the provisions of sec. 551.58 [*3] , Wis. Stats.


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