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Heurston Group PLC - Streamark PLC Bucharest EGM
Posted: Sunday, February 5, 2017
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Heurston Group PLC, an unlisted public company, registered in the United Kingdom, but operates out of Melbourne Australia, announced on its website an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) to be held in Bucharest, Romania on the 12th January 2017. Approximately 80-90% of all the 700+ investors reside in Australia. Bucharest is 15,000 klms from Melbourne and a 21 hour flight. On top of this the two founding directors, Marino Sussich and Peter Lombardo reside in Melbourne Australia. The Heurston Group Co/Secretary Nigel Harrison also lives in Melbourne.

Shareholders are asking why would a company go to such lengths to restrict investors from to attending a critical General Meeting? There is still no posting on the Heurston Group website regarding the result of such a meeting.

Is there anyone in Bucharest, London or Australia that can let the investors know a) why the directors are so scared to front the majority of the investors in person? (Marino Sussich, the Managing Director & CEO did not front the May 2016 AGM either). All previous AGM were held in London and basically held via phone call?  b)  what are the results of this so called EGM?  Why aren't they posted on their website?   Why did the Directors take down the last AGM  post from their website that was held in Melbourne in May?  This not a privately held company, it is an Unlisted Public Company and has to abide as per UK Companies Act 2006.  Please let me know if you have any information on this company.


Thank you.


Did any investors from Australia or London attend this EGM? 





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