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'You've lost your humanity', claims 'victim and scapegoat' Trudie Ottolini

March 23, 2019 by Trudie Ottolini



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It saddens me that there are people like you in the world. Clearly you must have seen much to make you completely lose your humanity and forget that there is such as thing as innocence and victims that do exist. That you should declare yourself judge and jury over anyone who has ever been accused of anything and declare ALL guilty in the absence of any evidence, or even knowledge, of actual circumstances is disheartening. That you should hide such disregard for the innocent behind a false shield of journalistic integrity only serves to show how far you have fallen.

You have ended my career as a CFO. In my eyes that is the reckless, irresponsible and dangerous action. The idea that you think it is your right to end my career for no other reason than because you feel you can is, quite simply, frightening.

Yes, I was sued, but I was a victim and a scapegoat, an attempt to attach a face to a crime where the actual criminal was faceless at some distant end of an unknown computer. My accusers realised the wrong they had done, compensated me, apologised and had the records sealed to try to prevent further damage to my future. It was not their desire to end my career.

You have used that harm done to me and multiplied it with a misleading headline and continued internet presence for your own personal gain. There is no honour, no integrity, no good in any sense of the word that can come from that. Thru your actions toward me, and every other innocent you have personally deemed guilty, you are perpetuating all that is going wrong in this world and making the world a much darker place.

Saddest of all is that I am sure that isn’t what your mission was when you started your business. You have taken all the good that you could have accomplished and tarnished it all thru your failure to acknowledge the possibility of innocence.

Perhaps, the courts state it best in Durando v. The Nutley Sun when they stated

"The primary objective of a free press is to promote the truth so that citizens will have a better understanding of current events and of the workings of their government," the court said. "Falsehoods in an article that needlessly do harm to a person’s reputation do not advance that objective. Moreover, 'shoddy and careless reporting that leads to the dissemination of false or misleading information is detrimental to the enlightenment of a free society'."



P.S. I do not wish you harm for clearly the world has already damaged you perhaps beyond redemption. Instead, I wish you healing and that someone or something will reignite your humanity and help you see the light of innocence that still exists in the world instead of only the darkness that you surround yourself with.




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  • David Marchant
    By David Marchanton Monday, March 25, 2019 9:52:27 AM

    This is a classic case of shooting the messenger. Bermuda rum firm Gosling's, not OffshoreAlert, sued Trudie Ottolini and she, not OffshoreAlert, agreed to settle the case on confidential terms, thereby ensuring the real story, whatever that is, could not be publicly told. I've offered to publish a full story on what allegedly happened and Ottolini refused to take me up on it, preferring instead to threaten and insult me. I'm not aware of a single reporting mistake in OffshoreAlert's coverage of her case and she has not pointed one out. Her claims that OffshoreAlert declared her "guilty" and that we published a "misleading headline" are false and baseless.

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