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Martin S. Kenney

Martin Kenney is a specialist investigative and litigation lawyer in multi-jurisdictional economic crime and international serious fraud, and has acted for a large number of substantial clients such as international banks, insurance companies and other private and governmental institutions. He is a practising Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Courts Civil Proceedings) of the Supreme Courts of England & Wales and of the Eastern Caribbean at the BVI, a non practising Barrister & Solicitor of British Columbia, and a licensed foreign legal consultant in the State of New York. Mr. Kenney holds an LL.M (International Business Law) from University College, London. He has published and lectured on money laundering, legal and ethical restraints on the conduct of private investigations, and international concealed asset recovery. Mr. Kenney is widely regarded as a ground breaker in the use of pre emptive remedies in response to global economic crime to uproot bank secrets and freeze hidden assets simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions. He has been featured in articles and broadcasts of media outlets in many countries.

OffshoreAlert of Miami has said that Martin Kenney is “perhaps the best known fraud and asset recovery attorney in the world, having worked on a number of high profile cases.” Wired (UK) Magazine characterized his firm of 30 people as representing “the sharpest fraud busters in the world.” Mr Kenney was given the 2014 Cressey Award by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (the “ACFE”), an organization which has 70,000 members in 160 countries and delivered a keynote address at the 2014 ACFE Conference. The Cressey Award is the highest honor given by the ACFE for lifetime achievement in combating and detecting fraud. In January 2015, Reader’s Digest magazine published an article by Nick Ryan regarding Mr Kenney styled ‘The Man Who Makes the Fraudsters Pay’, globally.

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Cayman Court Secrecy: A Huge Red Flag for Foreign Investors & Clients
David Marchant
As any fule kno, the biggest enemy of fraud, corruption, money laundering, and other forms of financial crime is transparency, while their best friend is secrecy. That's why the unprecedented mass sealing of cases that's taking place at the Financial Services Division of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands is repugnant to anyone with a genuine concern for financial crime.