Agenda Launch – OffshoreAlert Conference Miami 2019


OffshoreAlert today launched the provisional agenda for our next financial investigations and intelligence conference in Miami Beach, which will be held on April 28-30, 2019.

Some of the sessions are:

  • The Emperor Has No Clothes: The Great Cryptocurrency Scam;
  • Regulating Cryptocurrencies: Securities, Commodities, or Currency?
  • Offshore Intelligence: Beyond The Promotional Material;
  • The IRS v. Offshore Tax Avoiders & Evaders: An Enforcement Update;
  • Enriching Domestic & Foreign Whistleblowers: The Growth & Spreading Reach of US Programs;
  • Focus on Canada: The Fight Against Offshore Tax Evasion;
  • International Asset Recovery: The Latest Key Issues & Developments;
  • How To Detect & Avoid Investment Fraud;
  • A Whistleblower’s Guide To The Bounty: How To Confidentially Blow The Whistle & Qualify For Multi-Million Dollar Rewards;
  • Chapter 15: Offshore Case Round-Ups & Updates;
  • The Last Bastions Of Secrecy;
  • Bill Browder: Hero Or Villain;
  • Litigation Funding: An Update On Returns, Legal Decisions & Emerging Issues;
  • The Inside Story Of Senator Carl Levin’s Offshore Investigations & How They Drove AML and Tax Reforms Like The PATRIOT Act And FATCA;
  • Detained In Dubai: The Risks Of Doing Business In The Arabian Gulf;
  • Selling Scams To Foreigners: Inside SE Asia’s Boiler Rooms;
  • The Demonization Of Russia: Justified Or Propaganda;
  • 101 Program Introducing You To Offshore Finance, Asset Recovery & Litigation Funding; and
  • Open Mic: Have Your Say In The USA – where you have up to 7 minutes to ‘say your piece’.

More sessions will be added in the coming months as OffshoreAlert responds to breaking developments in the world of high-value international finance.

Speakers include the head of the criminal divisions of the IRS and Canada Revenue Agency, the whistleblower heads of the IRS, CFTC and, hopefully, the SEC; a former chief counsel for Senator Carl Levin’s offshore investigations; and an attorney who uses criminal raids and arrests as an asset recovery tool.

For the first time, we have added two networking sessions for ‘Young Professionals’, i.e. people who are 35 and under. This is part of our professional development initiative whereby ‘Young Professionals’ can buy a conference ticket at a heavily-discounted price.

The conference will again be held at the luxury, boutique, ocean-side Miami Beach EDITION hotel.

Details of our agenda, speakers, and other information can be viewed at

The 17th Annual OffshoreAlert North America Conference will be held at The Miami Beach EDITION Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on April 28-30, 2019.

Book your tickets now before the price goes up.


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