Enyo Law

Sheikh Walid bin Ibrahim al Ibrahim v. David Britt: Discovery Application (England Proceedings)

Application by Sheikh Walid bin Ibrahim al Ibrahim, described as a citizen of Saudi Arabia, to take discovery from John David Britt, described as a citizen of the United States, for use in legal proceedings in England in which "Sheikh Mohamed bin Issa al Jaber sued Applicant and his brother Sheikh Majid bin Ibrahim al Ibrahim over a USD $ 30 million payment made in 2002 by al Jaber to a company owned by Sheikh Majid", filed at the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Blockchain Optimization SA et al v. LFE Market Ltd.: Approved Judgment

Approved Judgment continuing a Worldwide Freezing Injunction in a case regarding allegations of fraud involving "a start-up project to set up a cryptocurrency platform called the 'London Football Exchange'"in Blockchain Optimization SA, of Switzerland, and Petrochemical Logistics Ltd., of Gibraltar v. LFE Market Ltd., of Wales; LFE Group Holdings Limited, of England; James Aylward, a.k.a. Jim Aylward, of Wales; Benjamin Leigh Hunt, White Tiger Global Opportunities Fund SP, of the Cayman Islands, and White Tiger Asset Management Ltd., of the Cayman Islands, at the High Court of Justice of England and Wales.

Par-La-Ville Hotel and Residences Ltd. et al v. Robert McKellar: Claim Form

Claim Form in Par-La-Ville Hotel and Residences Limited (in Liquidation), of Bermuda; Michael W. Morrison and Charles Thresh, in their capacities as Receivers of the Trustees of The Skyline Trust, of Bermuda; and Argyle Limited, of Gibraltar v. Robert McKellar at the High Court for England and Wales.