Citicorp International Ltd. v. Logan Group Company Ltd.: Winding Up Petition (‘$314M Debt’)

Winding Up Petition in Citicorp International Limited, of Hong Kong v. Logan Group Company Limited, formerly Logan Property Holdings Company Limited, described as "the holding company of a corporate group" that is "principally engaged in property development, property investment, construction and decoration and primary land development, extensively focusing on the residential property market in the Guangdong-Hong Kong SAR-Macau Greater Bay Area in the People's Republic of China", at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

Strong Fort Global Ltd. et al v. Solar Achiever Ltd. et al: Fixed Date Claim Form

Fixed Date Claim Form in Strong Fort Global Limited, by Lau Wing Yi and James Drury, as Joint Receivers of the shares of Solar Achiever Limited, and Solar Achiever Limited, by Lau Wing Yi and James Drury, as Joint Receivers of the shares of Concept Pioneer Limited v. Solar Achiever Limited, Concept Pioneer Limited, and Harkom Corporate Services Limited at the British Virgin Islands High Court.

GIC Funding II LLC v. Lai Leong: Foreign Judgment Enforcement ($16.7M)

Writ of Summons to enforce a judgment from the High Court of England and Wales in GIC Funding II LLC, described as a Delaware-domiciled company based in Danbury, Connecticut, USA v. Lai Leong, described as "a high net-worth individual, whose last known and usual address" is in Hong Kong, at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

BEC Limited v. A2 et al: Judgment

Judgment denying an application to set aside a statutory demand in BEC Limited v. A1 and A2 at the British Virgin Islands High Court.

ChainSwap Ltd. v. Digital Wallet Owners et al: Judgment (‘Crypto Theft Freezing Injunction’)

Judgment regarding the continuation of a freezing injunction against parties suspected of stealing digital assets in ChainSwap Limited, described as a British Virgin Islands company that "provides a service that allows cryptocurrency tokens to be transferred between different blockchains, known as a cross-chain bridge" v. The Owner of Digital Wallet 0X941A9E3B91E1CC015702B897C512D265FAE88A9, The Owner of Digital Wallet 0XEDA5066780DE29D00DFB54581A707EF6F52D8113, The Owner of Digital Wallet 0XB63F0D8B9AA0C4E68D5630F54BFEFC6CF2C2AD19, The Owner of Digital Wallet 0X196593ADE7CC7EDF18981C7A7DBC2E96000004FB, The Owner of Email Address trumanbroughton@gmail.com, and Other Persons Unknown at the British Virgin Islands High Court.

Dream Cruises Holding Ltd.: Winding Up Petition

Winding Up Petition for insolvency in the matter of Dream Cruises Holding Limited, which was described as "the ultimate holding company of a number of subsidiaries incorporated in, among others, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Isle of Man and Hong Kong", at Bermuda Supreme Court.
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