Jonathan Addo

Convoy Collateral Ltd. v. Broad Idea International Ltd. et al: UK Privy Council’s ‘Black Swan’ Judgment

Judgment that the British Virgin Islands Court of Appeal was wrong to overturn a decision known as "Black Swan" regarding the jurisdiction’s authority to issue freezing injunctions in support of foreign proceedings in Convoy Collateral Ltd., of Hong Kong (Appellant) v. Broad Idea International Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands, and Cho Kwai Chee, of Hong Kong, (Respondents) at the Privy Council of the United Kingdom.

Seapack Investment Ltd. et al v. Sable Trust Ltd. et al: Judgment

Judgment extending an injunction involving "three apartments in Trump Tower" in New York City in what the judge described as "a skirmish in what I suspect is a much larger dispute between two sides of the Hinduja family" in Ali Ganjaei, "as attorney in fact of Seapack Investment Ltd., and Seapack Investment Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands v. Sable Trust Ltd., Jose Guillermo Gonzalez Alvarez, Michael Kelleher, and Najib Ziazi at the British Virgin Islands High Court.