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    Active Equity Holdings Ltd. et al v. Bermuda Registrar of Companies: Judgment

    Judgment denying an application for a judicial review of a decision to cancel the registration of Richina Pacific Limited Partnership in Active Equity Holdings Limited, of New Zealand; Sir Paul Collins, Ides Limited, Cohiba Traders Limited, and Paul Collins Family Trust v. The Registrar of Companies at Bermuda Supreme Court.

    Spanish Steps Holdings Ltd. v. Point Investments Ltd.: Judgment (Robert Brockman case)

    Judgment setting out the Court's reasons for the appointment of Joint Provisional Liquidators for Point Investments Ltd. in Spanish Steps Holdings Ltd., described as being "ultimately wholly owned by the trustee of the A. Eugene Brockman Charitable Trust v. Point Investments Ltd., described as a Bermuda company that began life in the British Virgin Islands and has assets of $1.8 billion, "the vast majority of which are represented by investments in Cayman Islands funds", at Bermuda Supreme Court.

    Global Distressed Alpha Capital I Ltd. v. AAAF Management Ltd. et al: Judgment

    Judgment regarding defendants' application to set aside the plaintiff's claim on the grounds of "bye-law indemnity" for directors in Global Distressed Alpha Capital I Limited, of Bermuda v. AAAF Management Limited, Michael John Shone, described as "a former director and shareholder of the Plaintiff" and funder of "the Commercial Intelligence Fund Group" who "has absconded and his whereabouts are not known"; Christian Michelsen Herman, described as a former director of the plaintiff, and Walton Law Eddlestone, described as a former "de facto director of the Plaintiff" and who appears to be an English lawyer, at Bermuda Supreme Court.