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Dawn Smith v. Tricia McDoom

Ex-Parte Originating Summons filed by Dawn Smith, trading as Summit, against Tricia McDoom at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.

SPhinX Ltd. (In Official Liquidation) et al v. Refco Public Commodity Pool LP et al

Writ of Summons filed at the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands by SPhinX Ltd. (In Official Liquidation), SPhinX Strategy Fund Ltd. (In Official Liquidation), PlusFunds Manager Access Fund SPC Ltd. (In Official Liquidation), SPhinX Managed Futures Fund SPC (In Official Liquidation), and SPhinX Plus SPC Ltd. (In Official Liquidation) against Refco Public Commodity Pool LP, formerly known as S&P Managed Futures Index Fund LP; Rydex Capital Partners SPhinX Fund, Rydex Capital Partners I LLC, King Tut Investments LLC, Global Macro Fund Ltd., Index Recovery Company LP, formerly known as SPhinX Managed Futures Index Fund LP; SPhinX Managed Futures LP, Refco Offshore Managed Futures Fund Ltd. (In Voluntary Liquidation), Merrill Lynch International, JP Morgan Securities Ltd., Deutsche Bank London Branch, SPhinX Access Limited, KBC Investment Limited, OFI Palmares, formerly known as Ofivalmo Palmares; Societe Generale Bank & Trust Luxembourg, UBS AG London Branch; Citco Global Custody NV, Bawag PSK Invest GmbH, Multi Strategy Fund Ltd., BIH SA, CDP Capital Inc., Bawag PSK Bank, Qatar Telecom, Cominvest Asset Management GmbH, HFC Ltd., and HFC LLC.