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Pandora Papers

Webinar: The ICIJ’s ‘Pandora Papers’ Investigation

The ICIJ will discuss its ‘Pandora Papers’ investigation into financial secrecy during a free OffshoreAlert webinar this Friday. Based on “11.9 million leaked records”, the ICIJ describes the investigation as “the largest in journalism history” and says it “exposes a shadow financial system that benefits the world’s most rich and powerful”.

Say hello to OffshoreAlert’s new look

This weekend, we launched a new website and logo as part of a refresh of our visual identity. In addition to the revamp, we've improved usability and the overall experience for visitors.

Offshore Redux? The View From The US and UK

During the 2008 credit crisis, offshore funds found themselves in distress over a combination of unrealistic NAV valuations, investments into failed asset classes (such as asset-backed securities) and a lack […]

How To Monetize Your International Arbitration Award

A playbook of how to enforce and monetize international arbitration awards. Speakers Erika Levin, Partner at Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss Sebastian Said, Partner at Appleby Wieger Wielinga, Omni Bridgeway – […]

AML Training in a Pandemic (Product Demo)

Anti-Money Laundering training becomes critical in a pandemic era, as criminal activity increases during times of economic uncertainty. Without the ability to engage staff in face-to-face, instructor-led training, other training […]

How To Get Your Claim Funded by Litigation Funders

Litigation funders will discuss what types of claims they are interested in funding, in what amount, how funding contracts are structured, and related issues. If you’re a claimant seeking funding, […]

How To Conduct Visual Investigations

A member of The New York Times’ Visual Investigations team will demonstrate how to use digital sleuthing and the forensic analysis of visual evidence to determine the truth and establish […]

Alternative Methods To Recover Assets

A look at non-traditional ways of recovering assets, including the use of private prosecutions. Speakers Howard Sharp QC, Founder at Ardent Chambers Jonathan Tickner, Head of Commercial Litigation & Civil […]

How I Exposed Neil Woodford & Other Stockmarket Scams

Neil Woodford was once considered Britain’s best fund manager, known by some as the country’s version of Warren Buffett, until it all came crashing down in 2019 amid multi-billion pound […]

Must-Have Tools For OSINT Investigations

A demonstration of Internet-based tools to help you find, monitor, and understand information on targets. Speaker Dylan Kennedy, Director at Intelpool Recorded at OffshoreAlert vGLOBAL on Monday 7 December 2020 […]

‘How To Conduct Offshore/Onshore Insolvencies’ at vGLOBAL

Amid a growing number of COVID-19-related international business collapses, leading professionals will discuss cross-border insolvencies at next week’s OffshoreAlert vGLOBAL virtual conference. Sessions include those on ‘Offshore/Onshore Case Study: Insolvency […]

‘Locating Hidden Financial Accounts’ at vGLOBAL

Techniques and tools to locate financial accounts that judgment-dodging debtors and ne’er-do-wells have concealed will be demonstrated and discussed at next week’s OffshoreAlert vGLOBAL virtual conference. Sessions include ‘The Use […]

President Trump’s Tax Returns To Be Analyzed at vGLOBAL

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston and Forbes Senior Editor Dan Alexander will analyze President Trump’s tax returns at next week’s OffshoreAlert’s vGLOBAL virtual conference. They will look at […]

‘Gathering Information in Russia’ at vGLOBAL?

A session on how to conduct investigations and gather information in Russia and other members of the Commonwealth of Independent States will be held at next week’s OffshoreAlert vGLOBAL virtual […]

Deutsche Bank UAE Whistleblower to speak at vGLOBAL

The former General Counsel & Head of Compliance for Deutsche Bank in Dubai whose career was destroyed after blowing the whistle on an alleged money laundering scheme will discuss her […]

‘The World’s Biggest Tax Heist’ to be analyzed at vGLOBAL

An alleged €55 billion tax fraud against European governments by bankers, investors and others will be scrutinized at next month’s OffshoreAlert vGLOBAL virtual conference. Journalists Oliver Schröm and Christian Salewski, […]

Litigation Funding Speed Networking at OffshoreAlert vGLOBAL

A Speed Networking event pairing litigation funders with those seeking funds to pursue multi-million dollar claims will be held at next month’s OffshoreAlert vGLOBAL virtual conference. “Claimants, lawyers, insolvency practitioners, […]

Margaret Hodge MP to speak at OffshoreAlert Virtual Conference

British Member of Parliament Margaret Hodge will speak about financial transparency at next month’s OffshoreAlert vGLOBAL virtual conference. The long-time campaigner for greater corporate openness will join British Virgin Islands-based […]

Agenda Launch – OffshoreAlert Virtual Conference

OffshoreAlert has launched the agenda for our first virtual conference on intelligence and investigations for stakeholders in high-value, cross-border finance that will be held over five days next month. Speakers […]

The World’s Biggest Tax Heist: The Role of American Banks & Investors

Two journalists who led the 'CumEx Files' joint investigation will explain how a network of bankers, stock traders, and lawyers carried out the scheme, how they were exposed, and provide an update on criminal investigations at next month's OffshoreAlert Conference. Join us April 19-21 in Miami Beach.

Corruption Exposed: How A President’s Daughter Became Africa’s Richest Woman

The corrupt rise to billionaire status of Isabel dos Santos - and the role of Western financial enablers - will be scrutinized at the upcoming OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami. ICIJ investigative reporter Scilla Alecci will discuss the investigation into dos Santos and the role in her rise to wealth played by shell companies, bankers, lawyers, accountants, and financial advisers.