Axiom Legal Financing Fund et al v. Timothy Schools et al: Re-Amdended Claim Form

    Re-Amended Claim Form in JP SPC 1 and JP SPC 4, collectively doing business as Axiom Legal Financing Fund v. Timothy Schools, Rachel Hutson, David Rae, Alec Linsley, Dale Stephenson, Synergy IOM Limited, Check Mate Audits Limited, Synaxus Holdings Limited, Noble Finance Ltd., Sadira Limited, Loret Investments Limited, David Kennedy, Alan Hutson, Hut Consulting Limited, and First For Law Limited at the High Court in London.

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    May 21, 2013
    Timothy Schools, First For Law Limited, Hut Consulting Limited, Alan Hutson, David Kennedy, Loret Investments Limited, Sadira Limited, Noble Finance Ltd., Synaxus Holdings Limited, Check Mate Audits Limited, Synergy IOM Limited, Dale Stephenson, Alec Linsley, David Rae, Rachel Hutson
    Axiom Legal Financing Fund, JP SPC 4, JP SPC 1
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