Axiom Legal Financing Fund v. Timothy Schools et al: Claire Schools Freezing Order

Worldwide Freezing Order against Claire Schools and Solis International Foundation in JP SPC 1 and JP SPC 4, d.b.a. Axiom Legal Financing Fund, of the Cayman Islands, v. Timothy Schools, Dale Stephenson, David Rae, Alec Linsley, David Kennedy, Rachel Hutson, Alan Hutson, Synergy IOM Limited, Synaxus Holdings Limited, Check Mate Audits Limited, Resolver Claims Management Limited, Hut Consulting Limited, First for Law Limited, Noble Finance Limited, Sadira Limited, and Loret Investments Limited at the London High Court.

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    November 22, 2013
    Loret Investments Limited, Sadira Limited, Noble Finance Limited, First for Law Limited, Hut Consulting Limited, Check Mate Audits Limited, Synaxus Holdings Limited, Synergy IOM Limited, Alan Hutson, Rachel Hutson, David Kennedy, Alec Linsley, David Rae, Dale Stephenson, Timothy Schools, Resolver Claims Management Limited
    JP SPC 1, JP SPC 4, Axiom Legal Financing Fund
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