Barclays Bank Plc et al v. Val Sklarov et al: Complaint

Complaint alleging “false designation of origin, cybersquatting and trademark dilution” in Barclays Bank Plc, of England, and Barclays Capital Inc., of New York v. Vladimir ‘Val’ Sklarov, described as a “convicted felon” residing in Florida, and Osman Qureishi, described as a resident of Texas, each individually and d.b.a. ‘Shearson Lehman Brothers’, ‘Shearson Lehman’, ‘Lehman Brothers’, ‘Shearson Lehman Brothers Investment Banking’, and ‘Shearson Lehman Investment Banking’; Black Rock Capital LLC, of the Bahamas; Newburgh Capital Ltd., Lincoln Capital Ltd., of Belize; Lincoln Capital Ltd., of Belize, and Jaitegh ‘JT’ Singh, described as an attorney based in New York, at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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    October 09, 2020
    Vladimir 'Val' Sklarov, Osman Qureishi, Black Rock Capital LLC, Newburgh Capital Ltd., Lincoln Capital Ltd., Lincoln Capital Ltd., Jaitegh 'JT' Singh
    Barclays Bank Plc, Barclays Capital Inc.
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    Fraud, Misappropriation
    Cowan Liebowitz & Latman, Eric Shimanoff