Beauregarde Holdings LLP et al v. Province of Entre Rios: Complaint

January 04, 2021
The Province of Entre Rios
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Beauregarde Holdings LLP, Beauregarde Holdings II LLP, City National Rochdale Fixed Income Opportunities Fund, Blue Hiawatha, LLC, White Beech SNC, LLC, Ginkgo Tree, LLC, Crown Managed Accounts SPC - Crown/GT Segregated Portfolio, MA Multi-Sector Opportunistic Fund, LP, San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association, High Yield and Bank Loan Series Trust, Louisiana State Employees Retirement System, Guadalupe Fund, LP, GT NM, LP, GoldenTree Credit Opportunities Master Fund Ltd., GoldenTree Master Fund, Ltd., GN3 SIP Limited, GoldenTree Insurance Fund Series Interests of the SALI Multi-Series Fund, L.P., GoldenTree V1 Master Fund, L.P.