Beauregarde Holdings LLP et al v. The Province of La Rioja: Complaint

April 22, 2021
The Province of La Rioja
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Beauregarde Holdings LLP, Beauregarde Holdings II LLP, Crown Managed Accounts SPC - Crown/GT Segregated Portfolio, GN3 SIP Limited, GoldenTree Co-Invest Master Fund II Ltd., GoldenTree Credit Opportunities Master Fund Ltd., GoldenTree Emerging Markets Master Fund ICAV, GoldenTree Insurance Fund Series Interests of the SALI Multi-Series Fund, L.P., GoldenTree Master Fund, Ltd., GoldenTree Multi Sector-C LP, GoldenTree V1 Master Fund, L.P., GT NM, L.P., GTAM 110 Designated Activity Company, Guadalupe Fund, LP, High Yield And Bank Loan Series Trust, MA Multi-Sector Opportunistic Fund, LP, Sandglass Opportunity Fund LP, Sandglass Petrus Opportunity Fund LP, Sandglass Select Fund LP