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'I've never committed a fraud in my life,' writes Brett Jolly

September 18, 2017 by David Marchant


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Honestly David, you have no idea how infuriating it is reading that you're a fraudster when I have never committed fraud in my life. Yes, I was banned as a Director in the UK, but you didn't stand in the court or read the Judge's transcript. The judge made a point of stating that there was no element of dishonesty in my actions, but that I was reckless in permitting the behaviour going on in that company, at the time I was extremely busy with a number of international projects and it is a fact that I did let my attention slip, and did not attend to my fiduciary duties as a Director as I should have. Although I think the judge was extremely harsh, I cannot claim complete innocence, I should have paid attention and didn't. The claims that I admitted fraud are just more lies.

As you are aware I sat with the local newspaper who did another "fraud story" on me (you co-wrote it according to them), and I showed them 148 pages of evidence and proof of my involvement, they immediately printed an apology and retraction.

You however, do not want to see the truth, as it is much easier to sell $90 sensational articles (along with you ever pays you possibly).

I have never disputed that I am involved with Privilege Wealth, and as your co-authors would tell you, I have been very much involved with them since early on in their evolution. As such, I know a great deal more than you will ever know, and fully understand what has transpired. I was a Limited Partner of the Privilege Wealth One Limited Partnership, and helped them with a number of issues especially introductions to commissioned sales people; but then I raise funds or make introductions for countless companies, that doesn't mean I own them. Yes. I got involved with Privilege Wealth, but then I get involved with most companies if they borrow money from me and don't pay me. I have financial statements, acknowledgements of debt and Loan Notes from Privilege Wealth, I can prove the funds I loaned them, the money exiting my account, and repayments they have and have not made. Over a dozen capital and interest statements, as well as letters to the company over the last 18 months bring their attention to their default have passed between us.

Your sensational articles, cherry pick small items of information that will sell you $90 subscriptions, but you steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the truth. I hope the following helps you understand your unconscious incompetence (you don't know what you don't know).

So once again, I will make the offer;

You style yourself as "the Unofficial Regulator"...

If you want to sit down around a table (with a lawyer present at a recorded meeting) I will set the matter straight, you will then understand the parameters of the damage you have caused and are still causing. Your actions have destroyed every attempt to rescue Privilege Wealth; you have merely solidified the problem their investors find themselves in. I was retained (paid upon success) to bring a solution to the Privilege Wealth problem), I will show you two signed term sheets from US Listed companies who both offered to supply a rescue package of $45,000,000 worth of preferential stock in order to rescue every single Privilege Wealth investor, in exchange for the acquisition of the group, the debtors' books and other assets.

To be very honest, their were problems with Privilege Wealth before you started your tirade (bought about by a convicted German fraudster who spent time in Jail). Evidence was supplied to the court, and KPMG were in the process of auditing the international accounts of the company, but your articles destroyed that relationship too. Then a number of instruments were to be listed on two our three exchanges with a percentage of revenue to go to rescuing Privilege Wealth investors. But you destroyed that too, by writing to various regulators.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of a number of US listed companies and their Boards of Directors Privilege Wealth could have easily been saved, but you have put a stop to any of the investors ever getting their money back, because due to your articles, no one will deal with them.

I will repeat for the record:

1. You have no idea where the money has gone, or has, and continues to steal it.

2. If (as I know to be true) Privilege Wealth had over $80,000,000 worth of Debtor's Books, where are they? and more importantly, who is collecting that money and keeping it today?

3. Who deleted all of the debtors' books and financial details of the borrowers from the Privilege Wealth system in order that Privilege Wealth couldn't collect it own debtors' books?

4. Who deleted the software from Privilege Wealth servers? and who stole the software developed and paid for by Privilege Wealth?

5. Is that person currently being remunerated by a third party company to collect all of Privilege Wealth's money and keep it?

6. Are those people recently set up in a new Panama office? and are they using Privilege Wealth past staff? Have they taken on another dozen people this week to steal even more money faster?

7. Has that theft resulted in every single Privilege Wealth investor losing their investment? Has one cent been paid back in 2017 by the people who are collecting the debtors books (the only assets of Privilege Wealth)?

8. Who loaned over $5m from Privilege Wealth coffers without a Board Resolution to do so, without being an executive Director?

9. Was that person fully aware of Chris Rock/Burton's past fraud, outstanding Interpol warrants when they acted?

10. Having fully investigated and disclosed Chris Rock/Burtons past criminal activity over a ten year period, did that director offer to by my out of a financial instrument/option agreement for $10m?

11. Was one of the executive Directors threatened with having his throat cut in a board meeting? By whom? and who was present?

12. Was another Director physically beaten in a Board meeting?

13. You have not investigated deeply enough in terms of past partnerships, joint shareholdings of the parties concerned. Money has left Privilege Wealth sanctioned and actioned by two people, neither of them Executive Directors. That money was sent to a third party company represented by… ?

14. Is that person representing that third party company (that received millions of dollars) a long time associate of over ten years standing of one of the people that sent the money from Privilege Wealth?

15. Have a) the person who deleted the software and stolen the data and is nor working stealing the funds b) the person who represented the third-party company who received the millions of dollars, and c) the person who introduced the third-party company to Privilege Wealth in the first place (and sanctioned the transfer of millions….. ever known each other in the past? Where? When? and under what circumstances ? Was this person part of the past Spanish frauds, did he manage the IT then? was he part of the MSI fraud? did they lose all of their investors money then? Did he order leads from back then? were signatures forged on paperwork even then?

16. I am personally aware that Privilege Wealth in the US and Panama was run as a fiefdom, and the executive directors of PWPLC were lied to, barred from seeing the real and genuine data and stopped by both Chris Rock/Burton and another 'Director' from taking financial control, very strange considering they are the only two qualified accountants in the company?

17. Having divested Privilege Wealth of its wealth, and sent the funds to the third party company, did either Chris Rock/Burton or more importantly the legal counsel, who also happened to be a non-executive board member of PWPLC, and also a director/owner/controller of the insurance company/broker, and also a director of the corporate advisor to PWPLC, and also the owner of Helix, but much more importantly a solicitor with many years standing…..

...did he protect the funds by correctly recording the transactions, paying the US applicable tax on the instruments and registering the UCC-1 security in favour of Privilege Wealth?
…did he possibly agree and sign an agreement whereupon the proceeds/collections from the Debtors' Books purchased with the funds he had sent were protected ?
…was a percentage share, or dividend or commission agreed and recorded in an agreement?
…or were both the money and the debtors' books gone for ever?
…did the MD of the company receiving the funds know Chris Rock/Burton

Or…. perhaps, he raced over to Florida and signed all of the Debtors' Books in security to his own fund; Helix (as shown on the Florida state registry)

Well, thats enough for now, lets see if you have even a small appetite to print the truth, and stop lying about me. If I see an inkling towards honesty I will start to open up with documents and proof.

Brett Jolly



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  • Sylvia Sylvia
    By Sylvia Sylviaon Monday, October 2, 2017 11:17:32 PM

    I am a victim myself. Now I am telling everyone our experience with Privilege Wealth. I hope there will be no more victims of this so called " secure and high profited investment". PW is pending investors' redemption since 8 month, now nobody answers emails/ phones/ cellphones/Skype... 1. No one's capital has ever been redeemed since ever to our knowledge 2. offshorealert tells the truth 3. Former operation manager Chris Rock was shot and found criminal with a false passport 4.PW never informed investors that they failed to pay the premium of insurance against capital shortfall last year and bought a new one after the resolution 5. Privilege Wealth has absolutely no intention to pay back the capital of the investor 6. The existing directors (Mark Munnelly / Richard Colwell) of Privilege Wealth kept lying / finding excuses to investors and now they are not responding any more to any mail / telephone / Skype / other communication tool 7. There are also some IMPORTANT documents that we keep asking for, but none of them has been shown to us: -No Audit report - No Annual Financial Report - No new insurance policy copy - No new contracts regarding to the resolution I hope no one will ever step into this trap any more. Warn your family members and friends of this and please help spread this story everywhere on the social or official media to prevent further victims!

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