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EXPOSED: 'Privilege Wealth' global investment fraud

October 19, 2016 by David Marchant


  • Investors' insurance provided by Guernsey and Bermuda insurers
  • Only physical presence appears to be call center in Panama
  • Privilege Wealth claims annual returns of 50%, yet seems to have no underlying business
  • Salesman Simon Nock falsely claims Barclays Bank is scheme's 'largest UK investor'
  • Scheme boss Brett Jolly and other participants have histories of scandal
Notorious British swindler Brett Jolly is secretly behind a global investment fraud being perpetrated under the name 'Privilege Wealth', OffshoreAlert can reveal. The scheme involves a sprawling web of companies and operators in Bermuda, BVI, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dubai, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Luxembourg, Panama, Seychelles, South Africa, Spain, UK, and USA.

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  • Brett Jolly
    By Brett Jollyon Friday, October 21, 2016 5:38:04 AM

    Dear Mr. Marchant Your article brought to my attention today, is highly inaccurate in many areas. I obviously cannot talk for the company concerned, but in terms of your statements pertaining to me personally I make the following comment: For the record, my dealings have been investigated by the British Police, every financial transaction in every bank account I have held, in every country, for a period of 6 years was submitted to the investigating officers. The result…. A letter from the Crown Prosecution Service confirming “No further action”, and two High Court Orders signed by QC Judges returning all blocked funds held in restrained bank accounts. I also hold a UK, Spanish, South African, Panamanian and Brazilian unblemished Criminal Record Report. Should you wish to check with the UK authorities my CRO number is: 200000003765760 Privilege Wealth – As stated, I am neither a shareholder, director or employee. Up until a few months ago I introduced investors to the company, and I still have a sum invested with them in terms of a loan note. I conducted an extremely thorough due diligence on the company including investigating their corporate governance, dissecting their debtors’ books and perusing their accounts. I would say your statements are actually designed to cause damage to the company concerned, not report on them. I can only speculate on your reasons or financial motivation to do so. Green Planet – I had sold my shares and resigned a year before the company was liquidated. I left the company with half a million dollars in its bank account. Unlike most property sales companies, the property was 100% paid for, without mortgage and had full development planning permission. I demanded a creditors meeting in order to meet with the property owners (the investors) but the UK government representative refused (in writing) to meet with the investors at a creditors meeting as they had neglected to even visit the development, or to check the title deed or planning permission before making their defamatory statements. Diamond – you neglect to mention that it was actually I that reported the matter to Advocate Mopp and the Police, and I was the one that lost R300,000.00. I never owned the land or the diamond/stone/lump of plastic. It was an extortion attempt to sell me worthless land, South Africa – I was the plaintiff that bought the liquidation action against the company, you have the matter around the wrong way. Quite happy to provide any documentation to anyone that requires substantiation of the inaccuracies in your post. I kindly ask you to remove said post, and refrain from posting inaccurate and inflammatory comments in the future, or at the very least to verify the accuracy of your statements.

      • David Marchant

        The article is accurate and I have documentation showing that you are the person behind Privilege Wealth. Given how extremely ineffective British law enforcement is, having a 'clean record' with them is hardly a badge of honor. Your track record in business speaks for itself.

      • Brett Jolly
        By Brett Jollyon Wednesday, November 2, 2016 5:06:21 PM

        Seriously trying to answer this without PMSL. 1. Your 'source' as mentioned in the first document that you have published is 'George Leavey' an individual banned by the FSA from ever working in financial services again due to corrupt practices. 2. Your second 'source' as shown in the documents you have published, is an individual extradited from the US to Germany (where he did time in prison) for fraud. As you were told before publishing, the matter is sub judice in the courts, and has been for the last 6 months. Your article shows complete contempt for the jurisdiction of the court and the legal process. Two great sources! Apart from that, the documents you have published PROVE what I've been saying all along, that I'm a funding partner to Privilege Wealth One LP.

          • David Marchant

            Fast-forward a few months and Jolly has been banned from serving as a company director for 11 years in the United Kingdom for participating in a carbon credits fraud by anglo-Capital Partners Ltd., of which he was a director. Are you still PMSL now?

            • David Marchant

              The reality is that you don't know who my sources are and the documents speak for themselves in terms of showing that you are indeed behind Privilege Wealth, contrary to your denials. I have dozens more documents demonstrating your control of the group, including those showing that you have used the pseudonym Philip DeWet. Regarding your statement that "your article shows complete contempt for the jurisdiction of the court and the legal process", I do indeed generally have "contempt" for the legal process outside of the USA, as well as the law enforcement and regulatory processes. The UK and Spain, where you reside, are both dream jurisdictions for financial miscreants, who can operate with virtual impunity. The USA, on the other hand, is a nightmare for them. The first person to sue me for libel, Marc M. Harris, was arrested at traffic lights in Nicaragua, deported to the US and sentenced to 17 years in prison at federal court in Florida. Later, two principals, Van Arthur Brink and Douglas Ferguson, of another failed libel litigant, the First International Bank of Grenada, fled to Uganda, where they were arrested in a shoot-out (in which their bodyguard was killed) and deported to the US to stand trial at federal court in Oregon. Brink died pending trial and Ferguson was convicted.

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