Buying and Selling Notes, Mortgages, Claims and Judgments: How To Evaluate Deals and Get The Best Recovery

For some time now, investors have enjoyed nice returns on their investments in non-performing first and second mortgages and other notes/debt instruments. They are always looking for ways to improve their Return on Investment (ROI). Some investors are learning they can by-pass the cost of taking these non-performing debts to judgment and can significantly increase their ROI by just purchasing the judgments, at significant discount, often in portfolios of non-performing or unenforced judgments directly from banks or other financial entities.

In this session you will learn how to conduct efficient pre-investment due-diligence, how to determine if the debtors and guarantors have assets that can be recovered without incurring more cost than it is worth. You will learn from this panel of three experts, (1.) how to conduct a quick spot audit to determine the potential viability of a portfolio before investing; (2.) how to potentially recover your entire investment for the portfolio from only a few of the files; and (3.) how to efficiently collect significant ROIs, ranging from a few hundred percent to over a thousand percent.



  • Joe Dickerson, Founder & CEO, Financial Forensic Services (Denver)
  • David Sutherland, Manager, Epps Forensic Consulting (Arizona)
  • Joseph Downs, Managing Director, US Mortgage Resolution (Pennsylvania)


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