CaribePay (Nevis) Ltd.: Public Warning

Public Warning by the Nevis Financial Services Regulatory Commission that CaribePay (Nevis) Limited “is currently not licensed by the FSRC to carry on business”. Editor’s Note: On a website at, it is stated that CaribePay (Nevis) Limited, of Nevis, and CaribePay Solutions (SK) Limited, of St. Kitts, comprise ‘CaribePay Solutions’, which claims to be “a fast, simple, and secure cashless e-payments system being introduced to St. Kitts and Nevis”. There is no information on the website about who owns and operates the company and ownership of the domain name ‘’ is concealed using a privacy service. Deon Herbert was identified as the “Owner of CaribePay” in a press release by the Nevis Island Administration on April 23rd, 2018.

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    July 01, 2020
    Unlicensed Activity