How To Detect Investment Fraud

Detecting investment fraud is easy if you know what to look for. At this month's OffshoreAlert Conference, OffshoreAlert’s owner and editor, David Marchant, will explain how to avoid being taken to the cleaners by fraudsters who think nothing about relieving victims of their life-savings.

How To Make Millions From Whistleblowing

Hear from the heads of the whistleblower units of the SEC, the CFTC, and the IRS, Stephen Kohn, who represents the Danske Bank whistleblower, and Canadian securities regulator Christine Tabbert.

Litigation Funding: Financing Claims & Latest Developments

If you're a claimant looking for an investor, an investor looking for a claimant, a litigation funder or interested party wanting to know of emerging issues, or a professional seeking to break into the industry, we have you covered at this month's OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami Beach.

Tax Enforcement Update: The IRS vs. Offshore

Two IRS heavyweights will discuss the latest tax enforcement initiatives aimed at U.S. taxpayers with offshore accounts at next month's OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami Beach. They are Chief of IRS Criminal Investigation Don Fort and Commissioner of Large Business and International Douglas O’Donnell.