Bermuda Court of Appeal

    Oasis Investments II Master Fund Ltd. et al v. Jardine Strategic Holdings Ltd. et al: Appeal Judgment

    Judgment in Oasis Investments II Master Fund Ltd., Attestor Value Master Fund LP, Maso Capital Investments Limited, Star V Partners LLC, Blackwell Partners LLC - Series A, Citco Trustees (Cayman) Limited, as Trustee of the Allard Growth Fund; DMS UCITS Platform ICAV, on behalf of its sub-fund, Allard Asia UCITS Fund; Allard Partners Australia Pty Limited, as Trustee of the Allard Investment Fund; Alpine Partner (BVI) LP, acting through its General Partner, Alpine Global Management LLC; 405 ACM Ltd., Athos Special situations Fund SPC, on behalf of its segregated account, Athos Global Opportunities SP-1; FMAP ACL Limited, Athos Asia Event Driven Master Fund, Citadel Equity Fund Ltd., C+F NV, Portus NV, Value Square Fund NV, Cedar SA, AVI Global Trust Plc, Norges Bank, Wakeland Securities LP, Wakefield Securities LLC, FourWorld Global Opportunities Fund Ltd., FourWorld Event Opportunities LP, Boothbay Absolute Return Strategies LP, Boothbay Diversified Alpha Master Fund LP, Integrated Core Strategies (Asia) Pte Ltd., PWCM Master Fund Ltd., Pentwater Equity Opportunities Master Fund Ltd., Pentwater Merger Arbitrage Master Fund Ltd., Crown Managed Accounts SPC, Pentwater Metric Merger Arbitrage Fund LP, through its General Partner, Pentwater Metric Merger Arbitrage CP LLC; Pentwater Unconstrained Master Fund Ltd., Helium Fund, on behalf of its sub-funds, Helijm Selection and Helium Performance; Helium Opportunities, Merlin Fidelis Emerging Markets Fund, Hildene Opportunities Master Fund II Limited, Stonehill Master Fund Ltd., Stonehill Institutional Partners LP, APS Holdings Corporation, Sunrise Partners Limited Partnership, The Funicular Fund LP, Shay Capital LLC, One68 Global Master Fund LP, Golden Chance Goldsmith Pte Ltd., Qube Master Fund Ltd., QRT Master Fund SPC - Torus Fund SP; Lakeville Capital Investors (enhanced) Master Limited, Lakeville Capital Investors Limited, Prelude Opportunity Fund LP, Davidson Kempner Partners, M.H. Davidson & Co., Davidson Kempner International Ltd., Davidson Kempner Institutional Partners LP. Schonfeld IR Master Fund Pte Ltd., Schonfeld Global Master Fund LP, Samson Rock Event Driven Master Fund Limited, Pictet TR - Diversified Alpha, Alphanatics Master Fuind Limited, Indus Select Master Fund Ltd., Vitruvius - Asian Equity, a sub-fund of Vitruvius SICAV; Cambridge University Endowment Fund, FMI International Fund, FMI International Fund II - Currency Unhedged, Man Funds XII SPC-Man 1783 II SP, Man GLG Credit Multi Strategy Master Fund, Graham Leigh Collins, Beral Holdings Pte Ltd., Wong Hong Yen, Hong Sun Wong, Clifford Cheah King Mun, Stephanie Vanessa Ling-Tsu Cheah, Albert Neo Po Soon, Lau Mei Leng, The Gabelli Small Cap Growth Fund, The Gabelli Equity Income Fund, The Gabelli Asset Fund, Gabelli Associates Limited, Gabelli Associates Fund, Gabelli Associates Ltd. II E, The Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc., GGCP Inc., Gabelli Associates Fund II LP, The Gabelli Global Rising Income and Dividend Fund, The Gabelli Global Global Utility & Income Trust, The Gabelli Equity Trust Inc., The Gabelli Dividend and Income Trust, Gabelli Arbitrage Holdings, and Gabelli Global Small and Mid Cap Value Trust v. Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited and Jardine Strategic Limited at Bermuda Court of Appeal.

    Reliance Globalcom Ltd. v. Bermuda Minister of Finance: Appeal Judgment (‘Indian Tax Investigation’)

    Judgment allowing an appeal that challenged a production order obtained under the International Cooperation (Tax Information Exchange Agreements) Act 2005 to disclose information for a tax investigation by the "Indian Tax Authorities" in Reliance Globalcom Limited, whose ultimate beneficial owners were identified as Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani v. The Minister of Finance at Bermuda Court of Appeal.

    Michael Woodroffe v. Pamela Woodroffe: Judgment

    Judgment regarding "the ability to enforce arrears of maintenance" arising from divorce proceedings in Michael Woodroffe, who is president of Kirkway International Ltd., a Bermuda insurance broker v. Pamela Woodroffe (née Collins) at Bermuda Court of Appeal.

    Imran Siddiqui et al v. Athene Holding Ltd.: Judgment

    Judgment in Imran Siddiqui, a resident of New York; Stephen Cernich, a resident of Kentucky, and Caldera Holdings Ltd., of Bermuda v. Athene Holding Limited, of Bermuda, at Bermuda Court of Appeal.