Bermuda Bar Council v. Norman MacDonald: Judgment

Judgment regarding professional disciplinary proceedings in Bermuda Bar Council, as Complainant, and Bar Professional Conduct Committee, as Prosecutor v. Norman MacDonald, a lawyer, at Bermuda Supreme Court.

Apex Fund Services Ltd. et al v. Matthew Clingerman et al: Ruling

Ruling regarding an application for an anti-suit injunction to halt legal proceedings in New York in Apex Fund Services Ltd. and Peter Hughes v. Matthew Clingerman, as Receiver of The Silk Road M3 Fund, a segregated account of Silk Road Funds Limited, and Silk Road Funds Limited at Bermuda Supreme Court.

Bruce Swan v. DV Bermuda Ltd.: Writ of Summons

Specially Endorsed Writ of Summons, including an allegation that "client monies were used to pay for the salaries of employees within DV Bermuda Ltd.", in Bruce Dijon Colin Swan, a lawyer v. DV Bermuda Limited, a law firm, at Bermuda Supreme Court.