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    Ontario Securities Commission v. Troy Hogg et al: Asset Freeze Application

    Application by the Ontario Securities Commission to continue an asset freeze direction against Troy Richard James Hogg, Cryptobontix Inc., Gables Holdings Inc., and Colonial Hotel (Grand Bend) Limited, all of Canada, as part of an investigation into a suspected cryptocurrency-based investment fraud, filed at Ontario Superior Court.

    Troy Hogg v. HitBTC: Complaint

    Complaint for damages of C$1.18 million in Troy James Hogg, of Lambton County, Canada v. HitBTC, a.k.a. Hit Solution Limited, described as "a digital currency exchange" based in Hong Kong, at Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

    RCTG Investments Ltd. et al v. Scotia Capital Inc.: Statement of Claim

    Statement of Claim filed by RCTG Investments Limited, Caribbean Commodities Ltd., Grand Island Income Fund, Grand Island Master Fund Limited, Grand Island Commodity Trading Fund, and Grand Island Commodity Trading Fund II against Scotia Capital Inc. at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, in Canada.

    Michael Cannon v. Funds for Canada Foundation et al: Amended Complaint

    Amended Complaint filed by Michael Cannon against Parklane Financial Group Limited, Trafalgar Associates Limited, Trafalgar Trading Limited, Appleby Services Bermuda Ltd. as trustee for the Bermuda Longtail Trust, Matt Gleeson and Sarah Stanbridge as Trustees for the Donations Canada Financial Trust, Funds for Canada Foundation, Gleeson Management Associates Inc., Matt Gleeson, Mary-Lou Gleeson, Martin P. Gleeson, Edwin C. Harris QC, Patterson Palmer, a.k.a. Patterson Palmer Law; Patterson Kitz, McInnes Cooper, Sam Albanese, Ken Ford, Riyad Mohammed, David Raby, Greg Wade, at Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Canada.