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    Aycan Richards v. Nigel Perera et al: Judgment

    Judgment for the Plaintiff in the amount of QAR 392,500 in Aycan Richards, described as "a British citizen who resides in Qatar" v. Nigel Thomas Howard Perera, described as "an Australian citizen who is also a resident of Qatar", and International Financial Services Qatar LLC, of Qatar, at the Civil and Commercial Court of the Qatar Financial Centre, First Instance Circuit.

    Ileana Agudelo et al v. Horizon Crescent Wealth LLC et al: Judgment

    Judgment dismissing Claimants' application for summary judgments and for further disclosure by the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority in Ileana Agudelo and Eniluz Jhoana Gonzalez Aponte, both of Costa Rica, as Claimants v. Horizon Crescent Wealth LLC, of Qatar; Patrick Baeriswyl, of Switzerland, and Jean Marc Mantegani, of England, as Defendants, and Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority, which suspects money laundering, an Interested Party, at the Civil and Commercial Court of the Qatar Financial Centre.