Singapore High Court

    CLM v. CLN et al: Judgment (‘$7M Crypto Theft’)

    Judgment regarding applications for a worldwide freezing injunction, disclosure orders, and to join defendants in "an action to trace and recover 109.83 Bitcoin and 1497.54 Ethereum that were allegedly misappropriated" in a scheme that, inter alia, involved entities in the Cayman Islands and the Seychelles and which "raised two interesting and novel points of law. First, can stolen cryptocurrency assets be the subject of a proprietary injunction? Second, does the court have jurisdiction to grant interim orders against persons whose identities are presently unknown?" in CLM, an unidentified "national of the United States of America and an entrepreneur" v. CLN, CLO, CLP, CPZ, CQA, CQB, and CQC at Singapore High Court.

    Compañia De Navegación Palomar SA et al v. Isabel Brenda Koutsos: Judgment

    Judgment for $2.75 million in favor of the plaintiff in Compañia De Navegación Palomar, SA, of Panama; Cosmopolitan Finance Corporation, of the British Virgin Islands; Dominion Corporation SA, of Panama; John Manners and Co. (Malaya) Pte Ltd., of Singapore; Peninsula Navigation Company (Private) Limited, of the British Virgin Islands, and Straits Marine Company Private Limited, of the British Virgin Islands v. Isabel Brenda Koutsos, of Australia, at Singapore High Court.