California Superior Court (Sacramento County)


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    Fresh Horizons Ltd. v. Kotaro Shimogori et al: $1.8M Complaint

    Complaint for $1.8 million alleging fraud that "follows on the heels of a previously filed lawsuit against a serial conman operating in the payment processing space" in Fresh Horizons Limited, of the British Virgin Islands v. Kotaro Shimogori, of California; ComCopious Limited, d.b.a. iCanPay, of Hong Kong; ComCopious California Inc., of California; iCanPay California Inc., of California, and Pan Digital Network Limited, f.k.a. ComCopious UK Limited, of the United Kingdom, at the Superior Court of the State of California.

    Matthew Loughran v. Uulala Inc.: Complaint

    Complaint for $9,915 in Matthew Loughran v. Uulala Inc., a California-based company that is part of a group that was the first applicant to be approved for an Initial Coin Offering in Bermuda, at the Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento.