Florida Circuit Court (Orange County)


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    Fortinbras Enterprises LP et al v. One Florida Bank: Complaint (‘$19M Fraudulent Transfers’)

    Complaint "to recover more than $19,000,000 that was fraudulently transferred to One Florida Bank by non-party Lighthouse Management, LLC" in Fortinbras Enterprises LP, HT Investments LLC, Silver Rock Contingent Credit Fund LP, all of Delaware, USA, and Silver Rock Tactical Allocation Fund LP, of the Cayman Islands v. One Florida Bank at the Circuit Court of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, in and for Orange County, Florida.

    Iroquois Capital Investment Group LLC et al v. Violet Defense Group Inc. et al: Complaint

    Complaint alleging "self-dealing, fraudulent misconduct, and corporate waste that improperly induced Plaintiffs to invest approximately $5,000,000 in Violet Defense" in Iroquois Capital Investment Group LLC, of Delaware; Iroquois Master Fund Ltd., of the Cayman Islands; Alpha Capital Anstalt, of Liechtenstein; Shay Capital LLC, of Delaware, and V4 Capital Partners LLC, of Minnesota, derivatively on behalf of Violet Defense Group Inc., Kirenafa SAFE LP, and Central Florida Tech Fund I LP v. Violet Defense Group Inc., Kirenaga Partners LLC, Kirenaga SAFE LP, Kirenaga SAFE GP LLC, Central Florida Tech Fund I LP, Central Florida Tech Fund GP LLC, Kirenaga Management Group Inc., Kirenaga Management LLC, and David Scalzo at the Circuit Court of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, Orange County, Florida.