Oregon Circuit Court (Multnomah County)

Measure 8 Ventures LP et al v. Nitin Khanna et al: $60M Complaint

Complaint alleging fraud involving "Sentia Wellness, Inc. ... a CBD (cannabidiol) company" in Measure 8 Ventures LP, a Delaware company based in New York; Gron Ventures Fund I LP, a Delaware based in California; Zola Global Investors Ltd., a Delaware based in Utah; Anson Advisors Inc., of Toronto, Canada, on behalf of Anson East Master Fund LP, AC Anson Investments Ltd., Anson Investments Master Fund LP, and Anson Opportunities Master Fund LP; Serendipity SPC – Trimble Fund SP on behalf of Emerald Spur Limited, a Cayman Islands company based in Singapore; Lapid US Investments LLC, a Delaware company based in Toronto, Canada, and Hadron Healthcare and Consumer Special Opportunities Master Fund, of the Cayman Islands v. Nitin Khanna, Karan Khanna, Angelo Lombardi, Sam Knapp, Nicholas J. Slinde, Benjamin C. Stoller, and Allan Goodman at the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, for the County of Multnomah.