Texas District Court (Harris County)


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    Alyeska Master Fund LP et al v. Alta Mesa Resources Inc. et al: Petition

    Petition alleging fraud in Alyeska Master Fund LP, Alyeska Master Fund 2 LP, and Alyeska Master Fund 3 LP, all of the Cayman Islands v. Alta Mesa Resources, Inc., James T. Hackett, Thomas J. Walker, William Gutermuth, Jeffrey H. Tepper, Diana J. Walters, Stephen Coats, Harlan H. Chappelle, Michael E. Ellis, Ronald Smith, David M. Leuschen, Pierre F. Lapeyre, Jr., William W. McMullen, Don Dimitrievich, Donald Sinclair, Riverstone Holdings LLC, Bayou City Energy Management, LLC, HPS Investment Partners, LLC, and ARM Energy Holdings LLC at the District Court for Harris County, Texas.

    Robert Piña v. Coinbase Inc.: Complaint (‘$100K Crypto Fraud’)

    Petition alleging "unauthorized debits" totaling $100,000 in Robert Piña v. Coinbase Inc., described as "an online platform that offers consumers all over the world the ability to purchase, invest in, send, and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba, and other cryptocurrencies" at the District Court for Harris County, Texas.

    Zaza Mamulaishvili v. Steve Nicandros et al: Petition

    Petition alleging breach of fiduciary duty involving "self-dealing, fraudulent conduct and mismanagement" in Zaza Mamulaishvili, a citizen and resident of Georgia who was "a minority shareholder and a creditor of" Frontera Resources Corporation, described as a Cayman Islands-domiciled, Texas-based "international oil and gas exploration company" that Mamulaishvili "co-founded" v. Steve Nicandros, Luis Giusti, and Tyler Nelson, as Defendants, and Frontera Resources Corporation, as Nominal Defendant, at the District Court of Harris County, Texas.

    Cantania Investments Ltd., et al v. Atlas Financial Group Ltd., et al: Agreed Final Judgment

    Agreed Final Judgment in Cantania Investments Ltd., Alto Holdings, Ltd., Whimster Nield & Co., Ltd., Weril Investments, Ltd., Doug Pflaum, Rajish Mohan, Luxor Ltd., Michael Kuglitch, Kensington Investments Ltd., Kiyo Chen, Jaime Vicente, Jack Borno, Peter Crealy, Arnold Ames, Nancy Ames, Biltmore Industries, Ltd., Brunel Investments, Ltd., Buckingham Management, Ltd., Calico Management, Ltd., Camden Investments, Ltd., Cuzco Holdings, Ltd., Enclave Holdings, Ltd., Epic Mines, Ltd., Flagstaff Investments, Ltd., G&J, Ltd., Galicia Management, Ltd., Galino Resources, Ltd., Genisis Investments, Ltd., Ben Hansel, Hartford Holdings, Ltd., Hastings Resources, Ltd., Infinity 2000 Ltd., Michael Kelly, Kingsbury Management, Ltd., Lancaster Capital Holdings, Ltd., M&S Trust Company Limited, Midhurst Industries, Ltd., Moonlight Management, Ltd., Morse Systems, Ltd., Navva NV, Nevada Capital Ltd., David Nickerson, Dianne O'Neill, Panther Industries, Ltd., Isabelle Perreault, Lise Pineau, Gaston Perreault, Pinehurst Resources, Ltd., Rochester Holdings, Ltd., Sirocco, Ltd., Sleepy Hollow Holdings, Ltd., Walter Stern, Talbot Consulting International Ltd., Tyrone Resources, Ltd., Zed, Ltd. v. Atlas Financial Group Ltd., Atlas Trust and KPMG LLP at the District Court for the 164th Judicial District, Harris County, Texas.