Texas District Court (Tarrant County)

    The Hextall Family Living Trust et al v. Christopher Kirchner et al: Petition (‘$245K Investment Fraud To Buy Derby County FC’)

    Petition alleging fraud regarding an investment of $245,340 in Christopher Kirchner's "bid to purchase" Derby County FC, a professional soccer club in England, in The Hextall Family Living Trust and Stephen Dawkins, described as "lifelong fans and supporters of the Derby County Football Club" v. Christopher Kirchner, KFIM LLC, and 9CK Sports Ventures DCFC LLC at the District Court, for Tarrant County, Texas.

    Timothy Green v. MASA Holdings, Inc. et al: Petition

    Petition alleging breach of contract regarding the repayment of a $3.4 million Promissory Note in Timothy W. Green, a resident of Texas v. MASA Holdings, Inc., f.k.a. MASA Holdings, LLC, of Delaware; Medical Air Services Association, Inc., of Oklahoma; Medical Air Services Association of Florida, Inc., of Florida; Medical Air Services Association International, Inc., of the U.S. Virgin Islands; Medical Air Services Association of the Bahamas, Ltd., of the Bahamas; MASA de Puerto Rico, Inc., of Puerto Rico; Medical Air Service Association of the (BVI), Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands; MASA Assist Bermuda, Ltd., of Bermuda; MASA Marketing, Ltd., of the Bahamas; Medflight Company, Ltd., of Trinidad and Tobago; MASA Marketing St. Kitts, Ltd., of St. Kitts and Nevis; Medical Air Services Association of St. Lucia, Inc., of Saint Lucia; and Medical Air Services Association Jamaica Limited, of Jamaica, at the District Court for the 236th Judicial District, Tarrant County, Texas.