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    Kristina Charles-Jones: Disqualification (United Kingdom)

    Public Details from Companies House and The Insolvency Service in the United Kingdom regarding the 12-year disqualification of Kristina Anne Charles-Jones, a.k.a. Krissy Jones, a citizen of the United Kingdom residing in California, USA, after the provision of "false information" to obtain U.K. Government 'Bounce Back Loans'.

    John Kelmanson: £6.5K Fine

    Disciplinary Consent Order from the United Kingdom's Insolvency Service that insolvency practitioner John Kelmanson "be Severely Reprimanded and fine £6,500" following "a Complaint that in his role as a potential liquidator/liquidator of a Company, Mr Kelmanson breached the fundamental principle of Professional Competence and Due Care of the Insolvency Code of Ethics".

    Ronald Popely et al: Disqualifications

    Press release by The Insolvency Service, in the United Kingdom that it has imposed disqualifications on Ronald Albert Popely, described as a resident of Gibraltar; Darren James Popely, and Stephen William Dickson for their roles in a scheme "to invest in hotel rooms" involving the Hever Hotel, in Kent, England.

    Magna Group: Forced Liquidation

    Press Release from the United Kingdom's Insolvency Service announcing that it "shut down" seven "mini-bond companies" that were part of Magna Group as a result of the "mis-selling of over £20m of loan notes".

    Alpine Consult Ltd. et al: Carbon Credit Network Liquidations

    Press Release by the United Kingdom's Insolvency Service announcing that "19 companies involved in a giant boiler room scam to sell carbon credits to the public for investment have been ordered into liquidation in the public interest, following petitions presented by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills", namely Alpine Consult Limited, Environmental Acquisitions Limited, Blue Horizons Trading Ltd., Burlington Energy Markets Ltd., Charles Stratton Limited, Claremont James Ltd., CNI (UK) Limited, Clear View Partnership Ltd., Eden Brown Group S.L., Enviro Associates Limited, Global Carbon Exchange Limited, Harman Royce Limited, Karlsson Chase Limited, Liberty Alternative Investments Limited, New Frontier Partnership Ltd., Oswald Bradshaw Limited, Pure Carbon Ltd., Seasaw Limited, and Strategic Carbon Solutions Ltd.,