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    Caledonian Bank Ltd. et al: Offering Memorandum

    Offering Memorandum for Caledonian Bank Limited and Caledonian Securities Limited (both in Official Liquidation) distributed by Ernst & Young. Note: OffshoreAlert has removed Page 4 of the document to protect the identity of the recipient.

    Chiron Litigation Funding Ltd.: Confidential Private Placement Memorandum

    'Confidential Private Placement Memorandum' for Cayman Islands-based Chiron Litigation Funding Limited set up by Simon Franklin, Stuart Hackett and Klaus Selinger, of Dequity Partners Pty Ltd., in Australia, to recover assets on behalf of investors in Centaur Litigation Limited, Centaur Litigation SPC, and Centaur Litigation Unit Series 1 Limited who were swindled in a litigation funding fraud perpetrated by Buttonwood Legal Capital and the Argentum Capital Group.