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    Video: Litigation Funding for Crypto Disputes

    Crypto and fraud are a match made in heaven, leading to an unprecedented amount of scams in which investors and clients around the world have been collectively swindled out of tens of billions of dollars. In this video, litigation funding specialists will discuss the industry's appetite for financing crypto-related lawsuits and the factors they consider prior to making a decision.

    Video: Attorney From Hell: Stephen David Jones

    In this video, the incredible story of dishonest English attorney Stephen David Jones, the senior partner of Jirehouse law firm who was sentenced to 12 years in prison at LondoIn this video, we explore the story of Stephen David Jones, a former senior partner at Jirehouse law firm, sentenced to 12 years for defrauding an American billionaire of £13 million. This unique case, which led to a private prosecution after inaction by authorities, is presented by criminal lawyer Steven Kay KC and journalist Nick Kochan.

    Video: Covert Investigations – When and Why They Should Be Used

    In this video, Marlon Pinto, Director of Investigations at AnotherDay, explores the significance of employing undercover strategies to aid both Criminal and Civil Investigations. Accompanying him is a former Metropolitan Police colleague with over three decades of experience as an undercover operative, alongside specialist litigators. Throughout the panel, they delve into tactics, their rationale, and the potential pitfalls when utilised by individuals lacking expertise in this domain.

    Video: High-Value International Recovery: Ask Me Anything (Part 2)

    Leading international fraud and value recovery specialists took your questions and discussed emerging and dominant issues that impact your ability to be successful and effective. This was intended to be informal and interactive and represented an opportunity for you to have your questions answered by experts who have 'been there, seen it, done it'.

    Video: How to Overcome Flaws in the Companies House Search Engine to Reveal Hidden UBOs

    Identifying beneficial ownership of international corporate structures and assets has never been more crucial than it is today. Many researchers check Companies House on a daily basis, performing due diligence checks on companies and individuals in compliance with AML and Sanctions regulations. Yet most are unaware that the Companies House internal search engine is unable to identify core information contained within its own dataset. As a result, it will fail to return relevant results for searches for Persons with Significant Control and Beneficial Owners. Can your investigation afford to miss that potentially crucial piece of information? In this video, Dylan Kennedy presents key examples and discusses the challenge of revealing hidden UBOs in detail.

    Video: High-Value International Recovery: Ask Me Anything (Part 1)

    Leading international fraud and value recovery specialists took your questions and discussed emerging and dominant issues that impact your ability to be successful and effective. This was intended to be informal and interactive and represented an opportunity for you to have your questions answered by experts who have 'been there, seen it, done it'.
    OffshoreAlert London

    OffshoreAlert London – Our Best-Ever Agenda

    Truth and reality will be on display at next week’s OffshoreAlert London conference. Some will like it, some will not, but both will benefit from hearing it. Our eclectic and […]

    OffshoreAlert London Conference to Analyze Roman Abramovich’s Offshore Structures

    The financial dealings of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, particularly his newly revealed offshore structures, are set to be a key focus at the upcoming OffshoreAlert conference in London. These revelations, part of the 'Cyprus Confidential' investigative project, have shed light on complex financial arrangements involving high-profile individuals.
    OffshoreAlert London

    Experience the Thrill of Real-World Financial Drama at OffshoreAlert London

    Join us at OffshoreAlert London on December 4-5 for an event where finance meets real-world drama. From being sued by the subjects we expose, like fund manager Timothy Schools, to assisting in criminal investigations against fraudulent schemes like Privilege Wealth, our conferences are a testament to our dedication to uncovering financial deceit. OffshoreAlert London isn't just a conference; it's a pivotal arena where financial truths are revealed and dishonesty is challenged. Don’t miss out on the action – register now at
    OffshoreAlert London

    How To Uncover Hidden UBOs: Overcoming Flaws in Companies House Search

    Researchers search the U.K.'s Companies House databases on a daily basis, either to comply with AML and sanctions regulations or for other purposes, such as due diligence or fraud investigations. Few realize, however, that Companies House's internal search engine doesn't function properly and may cause them to miss crucial information.
    OffshoreAlert London

    ‘Cyprus Confidential’ session added to OffshoreAlert London

    A series of major investigative news articles from a project known as 'Cyprus Confidential' will be breaking globally this week and, to accommodate this significant development, a session on it has been added to the agenda of next month's OffshoreAlert London conference. December 4-5, Leonardo Royal London St. Paul's, London.

    Agenda Launch – OffshoreAlert London Conference

    The first version of the agenda for OffshoreAlert's 10th Annual London Conference on December 4-5 is now available. For more information about OffshoreAlert London 2023, sponsorship opportunities, and tickets, please visit

    The Incredible Story of Arif Naqvi & The Abraaj Group

    In this video, we will discuss how the global elite was duped by a capitalist fairytale and shine a light on efforts to clean up global capital flows even as opaque private equity firms amass trillions of dollars and offshore tax havens cast a veil of secrecy which prevents regulators, investors and citizens from understanding what’s really going on in the finance industry.

    The Art of Global Intelligence-Gathering: Facts vs. BS

    This video will look at the opaque industry of global intelligence-gathering, including how to obtain and analyze information from sources of varying trustworthiness, credibility, and motivations who might have conflicting accounts in an attempt to determine where the truth is most likely to lie.

    Tether: The Coin That Could Wreck Crypto

    This video will look at several red flags concerning the $60 billion 'stablecoin' known as Tether and the potentially devastating impact its collapse - which many consider to be inevitable - is likely to have on the entire crypto industry and the wider financial markets.

    Normalizing Fraud: The Crazy World of Crypto

    This video will look at the unprecedented amount of fraud taking place in the crypto industry in which millions of victims all over the world have been - and continue to be - collectively scammed out of hundreds of billions of dollars in schemes that, in many cases, are hawked by celebrities, influencers, and even 'respected' businesspeople. It will also analyze whether, apart from being a tool to commit fraud, the underlying technology behind crypto has any legitimate uses or any future.

    UAE Uncovered: The New Ground Zero for Financial Crime

    Behind the United Arab Emirates' gaudy exterior is a not-so-pretty side. This video will look at evidence that the UAE, particularly Dubai, has become a popular jurisdiction with investment fraudsters, oligarchs, sanctioned politicians, and money launderers, whom the country appears to welcome with open arms.
    OffshoreAlert Conference London

    ‘Investigating Crypto’ a major theme at OffshoreAlert London

    "Whatever you think of the underlying technology, there's no denying that the crypto industry is rife with fraud," said OffshoreAlert's founder and editor, David Marchant. "It has created an abundance of opportunities for investigators and asset recovery specialists."
    OffshoreAlert Conference London

    Dubai’s Role in Financial Crime to be analyzed at OffshoreAlert London

    In the wake of Dubai's decision this week not to extradite fugitive British hedge fund trader Sanjay Shah to Denmark to face $1.7 billion tax fraud charges, evidence that the UAE has become a magnet for financial criminals will be analyzed at next month's OffshoreAlert conference in London.

    Agenda Launch—OffshoreAlert London Conference

    The crypto industry dominates this year's agenda, with four of the event's 16 sessions devoted to it. "The amount of fraud in crypto is unlike anything I've ever seen," said OffshoreAlert's founder, owner and editor, David Marchant. "It has created, and will continue to create, unprecedented opportunities for fraud investigators, insolvency practitioners, and asset recovery specialists."

    Litigation Funding: Tips From The Experts

    Leading investigators and funders of high value, cross border finance will will take your questions and discuss emerging and dominant issues in litigation funding, including cases, legal rulings, returns, the role of investigators, and what they look for when deciding

    Artificial Intelligence Tools for Asset Recovery & Compliance

    This session will look at artificial intelligence tools designed to locate assets, find beneficial owners, identify relationships between individuals and legal entities, help with compliance, and reduce general business risk.

    Moneyland: How Thieves & Crooks Now Rule The World

    In this session, author and journalist Oliver Bullough will discuss the extent of corruption and dishonesty in global business and politics, how the perpetrators are able to get away with it, and its effect on democracy.When he's not investigating and

    Football Leaks: Whistleblower or Thief?

    This session will examine the investigation that exposed the computer hacker behind the huge theft of confidential information from the international football industry and also ask whether, in this era of leaked data, the media and others are now too

    High-Value, Cross-Border Recovery: Tips From The Experts (Part Two)

    Leading international fraud and value recovery attorneys will take your questions and discuss emerging and dominant issues that impact your ability to be successful and effective in offshore and onshore jurisdictions. This session is intended to be informal
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