Financial Transparency: A Comparison of Jurisdictions

This session will look at how offshore jurisdictions compare in terms of banking secrecy, recording of beneficial ownership registries for trusts, foundations, and companies, availability to the public of corporate share registers and accounts, anti-money laundering, tax information exchange, international judicial co-operation, and other areas.

Inside the Cayman Islands: The ‘Operation Tempura’ Affair

In this session, panelists with direct knowledge of 'Operation Tempura' will discuss the investigation, seek to explain why it experienced so many problems and offer their views on what it says about the Cayman Islands and its relationship with the United Kingdom.

Beneficial Ownership Registries: An Update

A look at the pros and cons of having central registries of beneficial owners of offshore companies in offshore financial centers and whether the move towards them has substance or is political hot-air by the U.K. Government.

Opening Remarks

An introduction to the conference, its aims and a breakdown of who is in attendance.